Midgardsormr Guide | SINoALICE

Midgardsormr Guide | SINoALICE

Who to bring to fight midgardsormr

You should bring 3 DPS and 2 Supports

Your Damage dealer should be using wind element physical weapons like a sword or a mace. Having magic damage weapons are fine, however fire weapons should be avoided as it is a water type.

You need good healing from your support, as well as buffs and debuffs which focus on physical damage.

Another tip is to use snow white as her preferred weapon has a bonus during this event. Snow white breaker + cleric

What Nightmares do I use?

Feena (buffs attack for everyone)

Golem (any element, buffs physical defense for everyone)

Water Snake (weakens enemies’ water skills) – save for Midgardsormr phase 2 or 3

Lindwurm, Suffering, Dependence are also usable

Strategy for midgardsormr

Everyone should be hitting the same target, target the top first and work your way down.

Wave 1: Ghosts are basically immune to magic damage, so use your physical weapons to clear them.

Wave 2: Kill the wolf & orc, then leave the plant alive and let everyone sit there to regenerate their SP. The plant will occasionally debuff someone’s DEF, so the support can buff that back up as needed.

Wave 3: Dual High Snakes. Burn them since they both do heavy AoE damage.

Boss Fight against midgardsomr

Midgardsormr has 3 phases. 

Most of his attacks are AoE and do physical damage, so debuff his physical attack and buff the party’s physical defense.

Phase 1: Attacks slowly but hits hard. Burn him before he AoEs you to death. Support can hold onto their buff books to save them for after phase 2.

Phase 2: No longer attacks the party(Buffs 13 times then starts attacking), but instead quickly starts stacking ATK buffs on himself. 

At some point he will clear ALL buffs from the party, so be ready to start reapplying them afterwards. Support can try to debuff him to counter his buffs, but he’ll still have a lot. 

The party in general can use this phase to get their heavy-hitting attacks ready for phase 3. Start summoning Water Snake when his bar is almost gone so that it’ll pop at the start of phase 3.

Phase 3: Midgardsormr goes back to doing high-damage AoE attacks. If your DEF isn’t buffed and his ATK isn’t debuffed, the party might get one-shotted. 

sinoalice Midgardsormr Guide

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