How strong is Fran from reincarnated as a sword

Fran is an extremely strong fighter, the essence of her formidable skill comes from her latent talent in both sword combat and magic spell wielding with a quick wit alongside fast learning nature and growth rate in battle ability reflected by skill with stat/level.

Given the fact that she can share some of the skills possessed by Master and her own skill that she learned throughout her recently begun career as an adventurer which put her into multiple combat situation against foe par and beyond her stat has broaden her overall experience as a combatant.

Her astounding growth and combat prowess earned her respect and reputation as an adventurer particularly after her feat in the Tournament which widely displayed her versatility and enhance her already wide spreading reputation as Magic Sword Girl into her recently gained new alias Black Lightning Princess for her capability to take on seasoned A ranked top adventurer.

The harassment she suffered seems to have halted ever since her fearsome battle capability in Ummut’s tournament were displayed and spread across continent alongside her impactful new nickname the legendary Black Lightning Princess which also serve to indicate her as the first evolved Black Catkin tribe after 500 years. Her current fame and influence helps to keeps the adventurer at bay from trying to mess with her lest invoke her rage given the fact that Fran rough up every adventurer or nasty people who harasses her which also spread across as one of the hearsay.

Amanda during the tournament remarked that she expected that Fran would one day surpass her despite the latter being a seasoned A rank adventurer after 10 years but much to her surprise that Fran were able to fight on par against her after only brief few months after their first meeting in guild where Fran begun her adventurer career remarking the monstrosity of Fran’s astounding growth as a combatant.

Fran quick growth also contributed by her habit and capability to clear dungeon solo and fighting extremely large group of monster mobs constantly resulting massive experience point gain.

With Fran’s already versatile stat and Awakening release which boost her stat even further allowing her to defeat two experienced A ranked adventurer Remmus and Goldalfa in 1 versus 1 match, a feat which surprised every spectator and beyond anyone’s expectation given that Fran is a C ranked adventurer during the tournament.

Current and most recent Fran’s stat and does not reflect her C rank status, her current stat (excluding Awakening) put her combat ability in a class of a fresh new A ranked adventurer and that is excluding all the stat boost she will obtain from her Awakening activation.

Adding her awakening and recently evolved Sword Arts -> Sword Lord Arts and the fact that she leveled up and gained few more skills after the tournament (level 45) up to this point (current level 49) would allow her to take on and defeat A ranked adventurer which she struggled to defeat during tournament with much more ease now.

After Fran’s training in forest post chapter 510, her overall strength has once again greatly enhanced to the point that she is almost closely approaching to S-Ranked adventurer including her changes of class from Sword Mage to Sword King and her enhanced level and stat which is Level 61 including better mastery of Magic and her new prolonged awakened state duration. Current Fran were able to overwhelm and defeat B-Ranked Monster with just sheer sword technique alone using normal magic sword without the aid of using magic or using Master as a weapon signifying the terrible growth of her in combat which Amanda remarked that current Fran alone without Master or awakening could easily put herself in mortal danger as both Fran’s strength and speed greatly surpasses her causing her to be in cold sweat during forest sparring.

Fran have a distinct unique style in combat, having taught by Master and the job class agreed by both Master and Fran namely Sword Mage route promised the ability and usage of Sword Art in conjunction with Magic granting an efficiency in battle.

With swordmage having to master the combination of rudimentary sword skill and at least basic magic for the class to actually work in dealing physical damage and magic damage at norms to form a hybrid damage. What makes Fran special is that, by standard Sword Mage could not attain what a focused class could achieve in mastery of Swordplay and Magic Casting as standard swordmage could only have a lower mastery of both compared to single focused job class (Swordsman & Mage) while in Fran’s case she was able to master high level sword style and high level magic beyond single class of physical and magic damage dealer due to skill sharing and her innate talent in learning in other words her skill were not bounded by class limitation.

Fran is shown able to master all forms of magic and physical sword art and were able to inflict DPS beyond her job class threshold including high healing magic giving her a massive possible way to handle any combat situation above her level, adding up her innate evolve transformation increases her overall library of combat styles and produces a DPS so powerful that it can slay an A rank Adventurer in one strike should they have not taken any defensive measure.

Due to such reason, Fran were able to operate as a one man party or army within dungeon or any combat situation thus eliminating the need of having other job class party members and support for as long as she can maintain her MP gauge to keep up with the healing in order to keep her physical wound healed, maintaining stamina to nonstop inflicting sword strike damage while at the same time to continuously casting magic in rapid succession as MP is very much pivotal to her combat style to be effective. After forest training arc, Fran have tremendously improved herself not just from change of class into Sword King which slightly lower her magic mastery and tremendously enhanced her sword skill permanently but in fact Fran trained her magic to overwrite the magic mastery reduction which not only improves her magic mastery greater than before.

Fran has also closed gap of all her inherent weaknesses through sheer training to which she is now capable to respond to any combat situation and cast magic almost instantly which place the current Fran’s combat capability far from any normal A-Ranked Adventurer and almost closely approaches the realm of S-Rank. Her battle technique currently were able to overwhelm B-Ranked Monster which equals to A-Ranked Adventurer with just sheer sword technique alone.

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