Hero Cantare: Kaiser and LoPoBia Elaine

Hero Cantare New Heroes: Kaiser(SS) & Lo Po Bia Elaine(SS)

Pick Up Draw Event : Kaiser(SS) & Lo Po Bia Elaine(SS)

Festa Event : clear Festa Dungeon to obtain Kaiser(SS) and lots of rewards !

Kaiser (Free hero)

S1: attack 1, if their atk > kaiser atk, inflict 30% atk down (2t) and taunt (1t)

S2: attack all, deals bonus damage = 20% kaiser max hp. All allies +50% def for 2t.

S3: Attacks all enemies and deals damage = 35% of missing hp (TL?). Kaiser gains 1 hit (not 1 turn) damage immunity.

Passive 1: +15% HP, +10% Def, +10% damage?

Passive 2: Each attack gives bonus def, up to 20%. When Kaiser hp <50%, enemies get 30% atk down for 2 turns and increased chance to be crit? and all allies gets 20% of hp as shield for 3 turns.

Elaine: Ice

S1: attack 2 enemies for 110% atk, deal bonus damage (35%) when enemy is debuffed. If bleeding, deals an additional 20% atk (up to a total of 165%)

S2: Attacks 2 enemies (150% atk) and inflicts bleed for 2 turns. Gives 20% crit damage buff to elaine for 2 turns.

S3: Attacks all enemies 3 times for 40% each. When bleeding, deal additional 30% damage per debuff (max 10).

Passive: atk+ 15%, hp + 10%, effectiveness +10%, crit damage +10%

Passive 2: When attacking bleeding, inflict additional bleed for 2 turns and inflicts critical damage. When someone dies, Elaine gains damage immunity (1 hit) and inflicts 3 bleeds on all enemies + no recover for 2 turns.

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