Hero Cantare Hero Pass

What is Hero Pass?

You can acquire Pass Point when clearing Daily/Weekly Missions. You can claim the rewards when your Hero Point reaches at the reward point!
1. Let’s Start Hero Pass Event

  • Tap ‘Hero Pass’ button on the main screen.
  • Hero Pass event lasts for 4 weeks.

2. Pass Point and Rewards

  • Collect Pass Point and reach to the reward point.
  • You can acquire Pass Point from Daily and Weekly missions or purchase at Pass Store.
  • There are 2 types of rewards: Normal and Premium Pass. You can open Premium Pass’ rewards by purchasing [Premium Pass] at Pass Store.
  • Even though you purchased [Premium Pass] in the middle of the progress, you can claim all rewards you’ve passed as well.

3. Daily and Weekly Missions

  • Daily missions reset every 00:00, PDT regardless of whether you achieved it or not, so all Daily missions should be cleared in the day.
  • Weekly missions open week by week. There are 4 Weekly missions and you can clear the missions in the previous weeks.
  • All missions reward Pass Point. You can get the rewards based on how many Pass Point collected.
  • You can immediately clear missions by using [Mission Clear Ticket].

4. Pass Store

  • [Mission Clear Ticket] allows completing a mission without playing any contents. Each mission requires different amount of [Mission Clear Ticket].
  • [Premium Pass Ticket] allows you to open Premium Rewards.
  • [Pass Point] allows you to acquire Pass Point immediately.

5. Rewards for Hero Pass

  • Normal Rewards: Golds, [A] Memory Stone, Skill upgrade material box, Essence of Abyss, [S] Equipment Set, S-SS Hero Summon Ticket
  • Premium Rewards: Pass Points, Golds, Level-Up materials, Adventure Tickets, [SS] Equipment Set, Essence of Mana, [S/SS] Memory Stone, Skill upgrade materials, [S] Daisy’s Flower Earrings, [SS] Relic Selection Chest, [SS] Hero Shard Selection Chest

* (Premium Reward) You can select one hero’s 100 Shards from [SS] Hero Shard Selection Chest: Yeon’s Flame Khun, Crusade Mira Yoo, Black-March Bam, Witch of the West Mira Yoo, Greatsword Warrior Sora, Green-April Yuri Ha

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