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For any of you Interested in playing Herocantare, I will give you a basic rundown of the game. Herocantare is a turn-based RPG game with a roster of characters from several different webtoons. There are only characters from The God of high school, Hardcore levelling warrior, and Tower of God so far, but there are many more planned in the future.

In-battle game mechanics

As I stated before, Herocantare is a turn-based RPG. You can use a variety of attacks using the “stack” system, where inputting different amount of character blocks will result in different attacks that originate from your favourite webtoons. For example, if I use a 1 stack Mori Jin block, Mori will use “The kick of blue dragon”. In the same way, If I were to use a 2 stack Mori Jin block, he would use 3-stage hwechook instead.


In order to use several different attacks, you must consume MP. You recover 2 MP every turn, and less party members result in a lower MP cap. Additionally, your MP is displayed in the bottom-left corner of your screen during a battle. (Example: 3/8MP) Forming multi-stack blocks consume mp, with 1 MP being used when forming a 2 stack, (Dragging a 1 stack block over to another 1 stack block) and 2 mp being used when forming 3 stack blocks. (Dragging a 1 stack block over to a 2 stack block, or vice versa)

Tapping on the blocks you’ve created will use them up, and your character will make the attack. Make sure to check the amount of blue slots you have, (amount of times you can use blocks for that turn) and make sure you’ve placed them in the right order. Then, tap the middle of the screen where it says ‘skip’ to commence your attack.

Question: How can i summon in this game? I try to summon and it have some sort of “time’ that i need to wait?

So, in the main menu, there is a section called “portal”. If you tap on it, you will be shown a screen with 3 cubes. The first cube, (purple) is the “event banner” of sorts. It has rate up events on new characters, and require 5 dimensional essences to summon once. The second cube, (red) is the “base set”, and has equal rates for every set. You also need 5 dimensional essences to summon once. The third cube (blue) is the free summon. Every 3 hours, you will be given a free chance to summon, and the rates are equal to the red cube. Feel free to message me again if you want to know about anything else.


What is base set? is that weapon set?

When can i get enough currency to do my first tenfolds summon? – when i reach which map in story mode?

Actually, there is only one currency for summon, called the dimensional essence. There is always 3 and only 3 banners on at one time, and can be categorized by colours, as I stated before. (Purple for event, red for base, blue for free) The base set is essentially a banner with equal chances on every single character, with the exception of the awakened units. Also, In Hero cantare, there is no tenfold summon, but every summon gives you 3 results. The item in the first slot can be obtained for free, and the other 2 require you to pay other types of currency. (Gold and gems) In addition, I believe you receive 60 dimensional essences for completing the tutorial, which is enough to summon 12 times. 5 Dimensional essences can be bought for 100 gems in the portal section, and can also be bought for a discount in the gravert shop that opens at certain times in the world section, or more specifically in the tower. You can obtain 5 gems for every time you clear a stage for the first time, including hard mode. Alternatively, (also the most efficient way to farm gems) is to buy gems in the shop once a day for gold, ranging anywhere from 80 gems to 120, but it does cost you about 200,000 gold depending on the amount.

Hero Info

Jin mori’s awakened form, Jecheondaesong, Has the second highest atk stat in the game, and a unlockable passive skill that boosts a bunch of his stats, including a ridiculous 20% atk boost. This thrusts him up to the best overall dealer in the game, but there’s something else that makes him terrifying to fight in the arena.

Jehabongchim. I don’t know if you’ve read G.O.H or not, but in the manhwa, Mori uses it to multiply his physical and mental capabilities for a limited time. (Up to X250,000 shown so far) Unfortunately, in Hero cantare, the base Mori Jin does not have this skill. On the bright side, Jecheondaesong does, and it triggers when his HP falls under 50%. The effect lasts 3 turns, and his Atk and speed is boosted by 50%, and his crit rate is also boosted by 30%. Additionally, he completely ignores the next attack that hits him (Reduced to 1 damage). But you should be wary that his Hp falls to 10% once the effect ends.

So basically, this is what I would do.

1st priority: Jecheondaesong. Best dealer in the game and has 2 busted passives. Get him by obtaining Mori’s headband, (Need to get Mori Jin and get him to SS rank, then take the lowest path on the unlock screen) you will also need 100 essences, (The purple-ish bottle looking thing.) and all this may sound like a lot, and it is, but it is very well worth it. Trust a guy who has already made the trip.

2nd priority: Khun. Healing + partial damage reflection. What more do you want?

3rd priority: Daewi han. His 2 stack deals damage and grants all allies a 50% def boost for 2 turns. This attack is very spammable, and the effect stacks, (even if only for 1 turn) so if used properly, he can turn the entire team into a wall, even the dealers. This is crucial for characters like Mori jin, who relies on counterattacks to deal damage.

Jade emperor daewi (Awakened daewi han) is good too, but still nowhere near Jecheondaesong.

Thia is what I would recommend. Oh, and all the tetra characters (ones that do not belong to any webtoon) except arin (swimmer girl) are pretty bad, so I recommend you get them up later.

Hardcore leveling warrior is a good dealer, but he is very situational, as he requires a lot of lucky coin brands to actually dish out major damage. (he receives 2 brands every time he gets hit and 1 every time you use his 1 stack) His awakened form, Max level warrior, is completely different. His atk is about 2000 lower than Jecheondaesong, but he makes up for it with his SP skill, lacerate, which deals damage equivalent to 275% of his atk stat to one enemy, and to take it one step further, it has a guaranteed crit chance, doubling the damage dealt, bringing up the output to a staggering 550%. So, this lands him the spot as the best nuker in the game.

All in all, Max level warrior is better.

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