Hero Cantare 100 Day Event

Global Server 100 Day Anniversary!

☞ Period: Aug. 24th 16:00 ~ 21:00 PDT (5 hours)☞ New Features1. Heart Heater’s Quest House

2. Level Cap will increase from 90 to 105.

☞ New Events & Packages1. 100 Day Festival Events1) 100 Day Celebration: 4 World Cubes Event

* 100 Day Celebration Cubes can be opened with ‘Essence of Centum’ or ‘Gem’ * Each World Cube guarantees to get the Heroes belonging to the specific World only. e.g. You can get only GoH characters from GoH Cubes. 2) 100 Festival Mission Event & Exchange Shop * You can get Various Epic rewards by playing and daily logging-in Hero Cantare during the event period.

Don’t miss out on 100 FREE World Cube Summons!2. New Packages – New Hero Pass for September 2020 – New Relay Package for September 2020 – 100 Day Festival Packages – Max Level Break Package☞ Finished Events and Packages

  • Pick-Up Cube: Queen No-name & Master Pooh Upooh
  • Other World Boss Event
  • Hero Level-up Mission: Queen No-name
  • August Relay Packages
  • August Hero Pass

☞ Improvements & Bug Fix

  • User convenience enhancement – Hide Floating Shortcut function is updated in Settings. – Adjusting FPS Option is added in Settings. – Event Noticeboard is added. – Hide UI button is added to the main screen.
  • Account Link will provide a reward. 1) The reward is distributed once per an account. 2) The players who already linked the account can get the reward immediately.
  • The bug is fixed that Pure Green Arin can grant Regeneration in silence status.
  • Some Heroes’ skills descriptions are corrected and polished (no changes to the skill itself)

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