Hero Ball Z Best Tier List

A Character Collector RPG
Unique Heroes at Your Service!
Awesome characters from mega-hit game “Game of Dice”
Various Characters with Unique Skills
Strategically place heroes with 4 different types and lead them to victory!
Evolve skills to make them stronger and cooler! Filled with Eye-Catching, Breathtaking Actions
Exploding fun with awesome characters you can’t help but love!
Try out various skills and let the coolness sweep all over you!

Hero Ball Z is a mobile game where you collect heroes and battle enemies, it is a horizontal side-scrolling shooter mobile game.

Hero Ball Z Tier List

Each hero is evaluated based on their passive bonus and their attack pattern. Every hero has a different attack pattern.

An attack pattern consists of the following:

  1. Attack Range 
  2. Number of Projectiles 
  3. Area of Damage 
  4. Auto Aim 
  5. Attack Speed 
  6. Piercing Shot

All of these stats can increase/decrease based on the number of stars you increase for the hero.

SS Tier

Heroes who have very strong attack patterns and also really powerful buffs


Increase ATK by 40% if Wood.


Increase wind Crit Dmg by 7% if Fire.

Dr. X

Increase extra dmg by 6% if Fire.

S Tier


Increase armor negation 5% for Wind.


Increase armor negation by 5% for Wood.

black rose hero ball z

Black Rose 

increase Crit Dmg by 7% for Wind.


Increase armor negation by 5% for Fire.


Increase armor negation by 5% for Water.

hero ball z tier list

A Tier

hero ball z tier list


Increase DEF by 30% for Water.

hero ball z alice


Increase Crit Dmg by 7% for Fire.

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