Guardian Tales Tier List

A natural 3 star hero will be much better than a natural 2 star hero.

Guardian Tales Tier List

This tier list is specially curated for you

guardian tales tier list guide

This Guardian Tales tier list was created with weapons in mind, as weapons play a huge part as well. Some heroes with their weapons are extremely powerful and some without their weapons are not as strong as they can be.

guardian tales pvp

SS Tier

You should aim for these heroes and their weapons if you want to become the top-ranked PVP player.

  • Bari with Mayreel
  • Arabelle with Genocide
  • Marina with Armada

S Tier

Every nat 3 star hero is S tier, try to obtain their personal weapon and they will perform much better than S tier.

A Tier

This tier is for all nat 2 star heroes who have their unique weapons equipped.

Guardian Tales Tier List

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