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The Imperial family has been torn apart, and a tyrant traitor has taken over the once prosperous Alcyon Empire. Grand Alliance is a anime-style role playing game that takes place in an industrial age fantasy world at the brink of war.

Your journey will follow the story of Amelia Ravensburg, the last true heir to the throne, and her closest allies in their journey to restore balance and return the land to its former glory.

The 5 noble houses that once served as an alliance now conspire against each other over power and control of the Spires, the source of powerful magic in the world.

This game utilizes real-time battle where you control the battlefield with a squad of three heroes as you fight off legions of enemies across an isometric battlefield. Drag and drop your skills to decimate your enemies and unleash your ultimates to turn the tide of battle. Precise movement and timing the right skills will make all the difference in battle.

The Alcyon Empire has been under the rule of the Ravensburg Dynasty for centuries. This semblance of peace will not last long as internal turmoil between the other five Noble Houses leads to a shift in power: war, backstabbing, and rebellion that will plague Alcyon for the years.

While the Ravensburgs rule the nation from the imperial capital, territories across the Empire are under the jurisdiction of the five noble factions: House Beaufort, Ryujin Clan, House Courcillon, Kazimovan Grand Duchy, and the Akhan Dominion.

The Ravensburg family has always ruled over the land as the centerpiece of the empire’s territory, maintaining peace and serving as the central trading hub between all the territories. They also control Spire Alcyon from which mana crystals are mined.

These crystals power the magic and industry of this world. There are many spires scattered throughout the world, and each one contains great wealth and power. 

Each of the noble houses have their own distinct color scheme, culture, and design style. While they offer a buffer to the empire against exterior threats, they also specialize in certain parts of the nation’s economy based on geography, such as agriculture, mining, or manufacturing.

The setting is a fantasy world mixed with industrial era technology mixed with magic and steampunk. In this world, human civilization flourishes in Alcyon through the power of mana that is collected by mining arcane crystals within the Great Spires. These crystals are then synthesized into a gas form to power the technology in this world.

This is used to generate energy to power vehicles in this world such as trains, biplanes, and to power cities in addition to more magical applications such as casting spells, animating golems, and levitating giant airships.

The Great Spires are massive artifact structures spread across the land and are highly sought after by the noble factions as they are the source of mana crystals that are used to power the technology in this world as a source of energy and for magic. Each Spire looks like a giant stone obelisk that stretches for hundreds of miles into the sky. Within each structure is a labyrinth maze of traps, creatures, and other dangers.

Humans can extract mana by mining the crystal growths within the structure and synthesize it into a gas which is used as a source of energy for industrial use and magic. Explorers are periodically sent further into the Spire to study the mystery of these giant artifacts. Plundering the inside of a spire can yield rare artifacts, ancient technology, and items of unfathomable power.

  • Skill Equipment – Customize your play style and abilities based on skills. Heroes can be customized for a variety of powerful equipment and unique play styles with interchangeable skills that you collect throughout the game’s progression. 
  • Control Your Team – Mix and Match your team with multiple character classes. The gameplay consists of a squad-based RPG where you control a team of three heroes to clear dungeons and battles in real-time action combat. Squads possess complete freedom of movement on the battlefield and not restricted by turn-based controls or small combat stages.
  • PvP Arena – Compete against other players to see who has the strongest heroes at the Grand Arena. Bring up to nine heroes and formulate the best strategies to claim victory!

Tier List: coming soon

Grand Alliance Tier List

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