Goddess Kiss Tier List 2021

The war had ended, and the world was supposed to be peaceful place…
People hoped that peace will finally come.
But.. A genetic disaster hit mankind.

A Genetic mutation occured, and every creature turned into monsters
But only the girls had turned into ‘OVE’ who have the power to hunt the ‘Creatures’
In order to rebuild the devastated world, mankind launched the “World Government” and establish the “Lab” to manage OVE.
Plans for rebuilding the world is slow, but seems to be going according to the plan.

After hundreds of years, an explosion occurred in a facility.
At that time, no one could imagine.

That explosion would plunge the world into chaos again…..

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Raid Boss
DemonDragonKrakenDeathmatchShootoutArenaQuick Summary
Ariel RossiAFBSBAbuffer, fast charge, retailiate, team 3T ATK+
Natalie MyskinaFSFCCBLate bloomer assassin (after dressbreak), high HP targetting, retailiate
Ilayda MahnAFABAASingle target, back row assassin, low stun rate, CRT DMG+ at dressbreak, squishy
Velen PatakyCFCCCBSingle target, burst ultimate, slow charge, 3T ATK+
Jung E-youngSASSSSbuffer, CRT DMG+ boost at dressbreak, team ATK+
Enomoto TsubasaABSSABAOE burst ultimate, slow charge, retailiate
Emily WindsorCBCBBBLine attacker, fast charge, 100% CRT R on Skill #3 (with collection buffs)
Min You-hyunFAABBCSingle target assasin, low HP targetting, low stun rate
Min You-youngFBCCCCMin You-young lite (ATK-, no stun, ACC+)
Liu Xiao YiSSSAASLine burster with fast charge, retailiate
Jenny RiefBCCBBBRow attacker, single target silencer, battery charger, retailiate, not newbie friendly
Lily FischerCCCCBBAOE ultimate, Kamikaze, EVA+,
Nina KrugerSFFACARow attacker, 10T ATK+
Cecile RenierCBCCBCLine stun special, ACC+
Sofia DimitovCFCCBCOff-tank, self-healing
Nella BadreyaBFFBABRow attacker, single target pre-emptive strike, average stun rate
MihnCBBBBALine attacker, single target burst ultimate, quick charge, 4T ATK+, low stun rate
Kellan BrownAAACCBLate bloomer, burst ultimate, ATK+ at dressbreak, slow charge
Carolina MorrieCBCBBSAssassin, enemy AOE ATK-, ATK buff stealer, average stun rate
Karen VergaraCCCCCCAOE ultimate, EVA+,
Hanna FischerFFFFFFbattery charger, line attacker
RamdaBBBCCBACC targeting, shield at dressbreak, enemy ACC-
EnaABAAAAJung-lite, buffer, team ATK+
Petra StrycovaACCBASSilencer, row attacker, pre-emptive strike, ATK+ and invincibility at dressbreak
VictoriaABCBABenemy AOE DEF-, pre-emptive strike, fast charge
LeaSSBSSApre-emptive team shield, AOE ultimate
QFBFFFCenemy line ACC-, EVA+, DEF+ at dressbreak
Tanya BrownSFSBBBenemy DEF-, single target burst ultimate, self-charge at dressbreak
Monica LorenCCBCBCCRT R+, AOE ultimate
Lisa SilverstoneCCCSBAline attacker, remove 1 DEF buff from enemy line, pre-emptive self-charge
Ryu Bing BingCBBBBBline ultimate, average stun rate, 10T ATK+
ElCBCABAline ultimates, ATK+ at dressbreak, high HP targetting
ReneeCCCCCCAOE ultimate, remove 1 DEF buff from 1 enemy, Ignore DEF skill at dressbreak
Kate ScottCCCBCCSilencer, single target, pre-emptive self-charge, row attack skill
IrisFSACCSLily+, ATK+, Single target assassin, AOE enemy DEF- at death
ClaireABAASATsubasa+, retailiate with DEF buff removal, ATK+, EVA+
SylviaSACCCBteam charge and ATK+ at dressbreak, squishy, unique targetting, single target DEF-, silence
StyletCCCASA4T refreshable ATK+, AOE ultimate, % to remove DEF buff
BaselardCCCAASpre-emptive team charge, support, AOE ultimate with ATK- and ACC-, remove enemy buff at dressbreak
MiyaAASCCBATK+, Single target burst, self-heal at DB, ultimate with 100% crit
DelphineCBABCSsingle target, silencer, ATK+, EVA+
MoreauABAAACTsubasa+, AOE burst ultimate, slow charge, fast retailiate
AneuCBCCCCStun, enemy ACC- & EVA-, ATK+, CRT D+
PhiliaCCCBCBAOE ultimate with low stun %, ATK+ and 1T invincible at DB, retailiate with stun
TatianaCBCBCAline attacker, pre-emptive line silence, ATK+ LUK+ at 50%, AOE ultimate
LucyCCCAAB3T refreshable ATK+, AOE ultimate, % to remove ATK buff
Rachel StewartFFFBBBDEF+, retailiate, stun
Marina GarciaFFFCCFpre-emptive shield, battery charger, AOE ultimate
Elin MillerFFFCCC3T invincibility at DB, battery charger, stun
Bibi OlinFFFS*ASDEF buffer, aoe taunt, aoe taunt at DB
Shin EugeneFFFCBC5T DEF+, self-shield, self-shield at DB
Maria RegaskosFFFCBC3T DEF+, self-heal at DB
Hanazawa LenaFFFBBBsingle target silencer, row attack skill, DEF+
Lunar HansenFFFCCBpre-emptive AOE taunt, stun, 1T AOE ACC-
Sarah AndersonFFFBACDEF+, DEF+ and self-heal at DB, aoe ultimate, battery charger
Irene BellFFFFFFbattery charger
JeanFFFFFFbattery charger
Yuliya LimFFFS*SSDEF buffer, row ultimate with ACC-, DEF+ at DB
Betty AbagailFFFCBSATK based targetting ultimate, DEF+, self-shield at DB, fast charge
ChiakiFFFACAAOE stun, self-bubble with DEF+
ChloeFFFCCFEVA buffer, aoe ultimate
BennettFFFBAChigh stun rate, row retailiate, ATK+ and DEF+ at 50% HP
GouraiFFFBBA2T refreshable DEF+ and CRIT DMG+
PhantomFFFCCCself shield at DB, DEF+
SellaFFFBBAlunar+, AOE taunt, DEF+, AOE ACC-, DEF+
Jiang Lun meiCCCSAA3T team DEF buff, team charge at DB, team heal
Rose LudlumCCCBBC3T single-target ATK-, team charge at DB, single-target heal, pre-emptive single ATK-
Nicole MartinFFFFFFEVA/ACC buffer, no heal
Liu LenBACA*SSpre-emptive team charge, team heal with shield, unique targetting
JanetCCCS*SAteam heal with DEF+, pre-emptive AOE ATK-, fast charge
Linda HudsonCCCCCCsingle target heal with ATK+, slow charge, team shield
Emma SimsonCACSABteam heal; single target DEF-, DEF+ at DB, tanky
SerenaBACAAAenemy AOE ATK- and DEF- at DB, single target retailiate with ATK- and DEF-, team heal
Felicity WhiteBBCAABDEF+ and heal at DB, single target ATK+
CharlotteBBSS*BSTeam debuff remover, pre-emptive team charge and ATK+, team shield at dressbreak
SoyuzCCCAASJiang+, team shield, self DEF+
MiuCCCAAAJanet- , team heal with DEF+, pre-emptive single ATK-, fast charge
NepertiCCCCCBsingle target heal with DEF+, single target hit shield, AOE silence at DB
* Solid choices (depending on formation and boss) for DM21 boss
A EVA-based team is also feasible
S= Must-have3T = 3 Turns
A= Solid choicesBurst = a lot of damage
B= Acceptable/ServicableBuffer = team-wide buffer
C= Not suitableAssassin = has unique targeting to take out non-tanks
F= Highly not recommendedSilencer/Charger = SP disable/SP gain
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