Genshin Impact Sucrose Best Build

Sucrose Constellations

Clustered Vacuum Field

Constellation Lv. 1

Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 gains 1 additional charge.

Beth – Unbound Form

Constellation Lv. 2

The duration of Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II is increased by 2s.

Flawless Alchemistress

Constellation Lv. 3

Increases the Level of Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.


Constellation Lv. 4

Every 7 Normal and Charged Attacks, Sucrose will reduce the CD of Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 by 1-7s.

Caution: Standard Flask

Constellation Lv. 5

Increase the Level of Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Chaotic Entropy

Constellation Lv. 6

If Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II triggers an Elemental Absorption, all party members gain a 20% Elemental DMG Bonus for the corresponding absorbed element during its duration.

Sucrose Passive Talents

Catalyst Conversion

Unlocked at Ascension 1

When Sucrose triggers a Swirl effect, characters in the party with the matching element have their Elemental Mastery increased by 50 for 8s.

Mollis Favonius

Unlocked at Ascension 4

When Astable Anemohypostatis Creation – 6308 or Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II hit an enemy, increases other party member’s Elemental Mastery based on 20% of Sucrose’s Elemental Mastery for 8s.

Astable Invention

Unlocked Automatically

When Sucrose crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a 10% to obtain double the product.

Sucrose Support Build

This Surcrose build helps her improve her Anemo and Swirl damage, at the same time reducing enemies’ Elemental RES.

Both her skills scale off the ATK stat

Main stat: ATK%

Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > Elemental Mastery

Sucrose Best Weapon

Mappa Mare

Mappa Mare

Triggering an Elemental reaction grants a 8/10/12/14/16% Elemental DMG Bonus for 10s. Max 2 stacks.


Sacrificial Fragments

Sacrificial Fragments

After damaging an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40/50/60/70/80% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30/26/22/18/14s.

Sucrose Best Artifact Sets

Viridescent Venerer(2)

Anemo DMG Bonus +15%(4)

Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent’s Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.Primary Stat: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge



Elemental Mastery

Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.(4)

After using Elemental Skill, increases all party members’ Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s.

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