Genshin Impact Imperial Mobs Guide

by u/juice-stain on reddit

How to kill Imperial Mobs

So, if you’ve been exploring into some of the out-of-the-way areas or done abyss floor 7 , you’ve probably noticed that occasionally you’ll run into some Fatui soldiers of varying elements who have elemental shields and different weapons. They gave me a lot of trouble, so I wrote down a few words in case it helps:


Big guy wielding a hammer. Has wide, sweeping melee attacks and can gap close a fairly large distance. When their electro shield is active, they do much higher with their melee attacks and pursue you a bit more aggressively. Their forward hammer slam following their gap closer has a fairly massive hitbox but slow turning radius, so dodge behind them. Break their shield using Cryo.


Big-boned guy using a frost gun. Has a mid-range cryo attack with a sweeping hitbox. When their cryo shield is active, they can perform a very long attack where they walk while firing their gun in a sweeping motion. Interestingly, walking near one of them inflicts you with Cryo immediately without doing damage. Break their shield with pyro damage.


Thin dude using a rifle. Tracks the player before firing a bullet. When their pyro shield is active, the shot becomes a barrage of 3 bullets that do extreme damage. The tracking attack is super difficult to avoid at close range unless you iframe it. Break their shield with Hydro damage.


Other big-boned dude using a super-soaker. Not sure if they do anything special when their shield is active besides be fat. Can heal its allies for a fairly large amount of hp, so try to focus them first. They don’t attack often. Use Electro damage to break their shield.


Nerd using a geo staff. Attacks by chucking rocks in a straight line. When their shield is active, they can chuck rocks in a shotgun spread, and perform an attack where they form a shield in a large area that blocks attacks. Break their shield with heavy hits like claymores.


Big guy using two gauntlets. Attacks the player in melee range with fairly slow attacks. They do not have an elemental shield. However, they can put up a damage shield immediately after dashing to the player or an ally. If the player strikes the shield with an elemental attack, they create a vortex that pulls the player in before hitting them with a very hard hitting attack of the same element that hit the shield. These guys are super dangerous in Abyss and are made to waste your time, focus them first.

besides that, all imperials are also immune to interrupts while their shields are up.

The damage to the elemental shield is not based on the damage of the attack, it is a flat value. My level 15 Amber destroys a cryo shield of a level 70 enemy in 2 charged shots.

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