Gaia Odyssey Full Guide Beginner/Master

Choose and challenge bosses of your choice, you can find all of them at Boss Camp. Kill them to get tons of crucial items and gear! Without further ado, let’s delve into the details.

There are a total of 5 Boss types, namely those of the Sin Altar, Boss Hunt, World Boss, Boss Club, Chaos Ghostdom.

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1. Sin Altar: They are 5 daily Fatigues which reset by 0400 every day. Players who defeat the Sin Altar Boss and claim their affiliated loot will have their Fatigue deducted by 1. The player who empties their Fatigues can no longer deal damage to the boss. The Top 10 players who’ve dealt the most damage to the boss get Participation Rewards. Killing Bosses who are 100 levels below the character, yields no loot.

2. Boss Hunt:Boss Hunts can only be challenged solo. Each challenge uses Solo Boss Challenge Tix or B. Diamonds/Diamonds. Players with access to VIP 4 or higher has can challenge it twice daily.

3. World Boss: World Boss’s gameplay and reset time is similar to Sin Altar. The only difference is that the World Boss will appear in different maps at 1600 and 2200 on Line 1.

4. Boss Club: There are 6 Boss Club floors; Each floor corresponds to a different VIP level. VIP 3 and above players have free access. Players who have yet to reach the required VIP Level can use tickets for entry instead. There’ll be no loot for killing bosses that are at a certain level below the character’s level.

5. Chaos Ghostdom: Defeating other monsters or being defeated by them adds Rage in Chaos Ghostdom. Players start off with 0 Rage, it escalates by 1 per minute. The player is teleported out upon reaching 100 Rage. Raise VIP Level to get more challenge chances.

The Crafting System is used for Gear Enhancement, Gem Embedding and Set Crafting. Activate Set effects by raising their level and stand out among the crowd.

1. Enhancement (Use Gold to enhance. Enhance to a certain grade to activate Full-body Enhancement Buff) increases attack and health. The gear grade dictates the gear’s highest level.

2. There can be up to 5 embeddable Gem slots, 1 among which is Gear Grade that can go up to Grade 5, while the other is a VIP Exclusive slot. Full Body Accumulated Gems also provide stat buffs. The gems can be directly upgraded on Gem Interface.

3. Set Crafting (Divided into Epic and Legend Sets. Activate Epic Set first to activate the Legend Set. The Set gems can be looted from Boss Club bosses)

In “Gaia Odyssey”, there’s a range of unique Social Gameplay that can’t be missed. As a young editor myself, missing this golden chance to meet potential partners is a big mistake! I therefore handcrafted the following guide so everyone can score a significant other!

Good work is often dictated by the tools used. Before the guide begins, one must first dress up to their finest in order to stand out. Mix and match costumes to your liking, there are even over-the-top Idol Models and even a plump Panda Model for your choosing! Not to mention the bonus stats that come with them!

Now that we’ve finished up on the appearance, it is time to enter the Friend Hall and send out Proposals! Don’t be shy! Love must be conveyed out loud! Once you’ve found your target, add them as your friend and start sending Roses to gain Intimacy. Reach a certain level of Intimacy to initiate a confession; Start a Marriage with them and hold a Luxury Wedding or a Parade as you become husband and wife!

Coupled players have access to the Couple Dungeon in Couple Mode. Both parties can advance Wedding Rings and Love Bond here to gain stat buffs and CP!

In Gaia Odyssey, all Wings represent power, the higher the level they are, the better the way they look. Leveling them up also increases their stats.

Equip Wings to get tons of stats and a gorgeous outlook. Utilize Wing Souls to improve their stats even further.

Wings are made via fusion. These fusions have a certain success rate, the fusion of Gen 1 Wings will always succeed but the success rate decreases from Gen 2 Wings onwards, add more gear to increase their fusion success rate. Fusions from Gen 2 Wings onwards will also require not only its corresponding feathers but also the previous Wings of its generation.

Feathers can be found via Boss kills.

The quest for leveling up is never-ending in the game! Quick level-up is not only the fundamental way to increase CP, but it also unlocks more gameplay. Levels come from EXP, in addition to mobbing and game events, EXP Dungeon is a relatively quick method to obtain lots of EXP.

In “Gaia Odyssey”, the gameplay of EXP Dungeon is to defeat as many monsters possible within the limited time for the best EXP outcome. Here are a few tips to maximize your EXP outcome so that anyone can get the SSS rating!

Open Realm and select EXP Vault, and note that there is a daily limit to each Dungeon (VIPs are able to purchase chances by spending Diamonds). EXP Dungeon requires Entry Tix too!

Upon entering the Dungeon, we tap Battlecry and use B. Horn to increase ATK; Then we use EXP Potions to boost the obtainable EXP. Monsters will refresh from all sides, so players can stay put at one spot and have all the monsters come at them. They then can focus on going on the offensive and clear as many monsters as possible. Since they are all just mobs, they won’t cause much damage. So don’t bother dodging, just spam all your attack skills!

The B. Horn of Battlecry is consumed based on the number of times you’ve entered the Dungeon, but EXP Potion is duration-based which means players might be able to use 1 EXP Potion for 2 rounds of EXP Dungeon for maximum returns.

And finally, the mobbing speed is still closely related to CP. Therefore the key to better Dungeon clearance is to improve your CP!

Cool mounts are essential while you travel throughout the map. In Gaia Odyssey, mounts can speed up the player’s movement and they can be transformed into various forms as they level up.

Aren’t you impressed to see unicorns? In “Gaia Odyssey”, we are pleased to present all new players with a Unicorn mount, and an adorable rabbit mount for players that have logged in for 7 days.

Most importantly, starring up and cultivating the mount is another way to improve your CP. You will need to collect Mount Fruit to star up, and Quartz for cultivation. All the Advance Materials can be obtained from the store’s weekly limited purchase and events, and there is also a certain chance of getting them from the Dragon King’s Treasure.

Only after evolution, can the mounts be transformed into various forms. There are also limited edition motorcycle mounts that will make you look like Tom Cruise. Don’t wait, just come to Gaia Odyssey and get your exclusive mount now!

We all know the twelve famous Zodiacs. Question is, could you imagine how they would look like if they had transformed into a cute partner whilst guarding you?

In “Gaia Odyssey”, Spirits are powerful battle pets. They follow the main character and move along as well as fight alongside them, each blessed with their own strengths.

First of all, you can summon a Spirit partner through the Star Gate. Provided if you are lucky, you could even summon an SR Spirit!
The first partner you will get is Sheepy. Join Sheepy, hand in hand, and fight!

In order for Sheepy to become stronger, the Spirit needs to be fed (nurtured)! Through various gameplay, such as Spirit Dungeon and Butterfly Catching events, you can obtain Star Sand, the cultivation material for Spirits. Collecting the shards of the corresponding Spirits will also enable Spirits to star up and boost their CP!

A good set of Gear will make everything easier! Besides Gear from Bosses, Gear Dungeon is also a very vital source for powerful Gear.

Teaming up should be a necessity when clearing Gear Dungeons. Corresponding mode can be chosen according to the overall team level. Gear Dungeon is rated based on clearance time, the shorter you clear the Dungeon, the better the rewards.

To clear Gear Dungeon, you need strong teammates. Gather your friends for a quicker dungeon clearance! Enter Teaming Hall and select the target dungeon to start the challenge. You can either create a team and become the leader, or request to enter another’s team. A maximum of 3 is allowed in a team.

Of course, Battlecrying is a must after entering the dungeon! It is recommended that the three of you work in separate areas to clear out the monsters. And certainly, the three of you have to keep the same pace and stay withing each others’ views. You must watch out for each other, too!

After that, the Dungeon final BOSS. Beat it together with your teammates! The faster you clear it, the more rewarding the Gear! After defeating the BOSS, Gear will be dropped, so you’ll have to hurry and pick up Gear that suits your class! For non-applicable Gear, you can simply sell them in Trading House or trade them with your buddies!

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