Gaia Odyssey Best Class

There are 3 main classes to choose from in “Gaia Odyssey”. They are known as the Berserker, Lancer and Cannoneer. Each class has their own characteristics and strengths. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Berserker ( Defense and CC )

A heavy sword wielding class who excels in explosive skills in a wide area.

Battle Style: Heavy Armored, Speed Healing

2. Lancer ( all rounder )

An agile class that utilizes a lance in combat.

Battle Style: Well-rounded, balanced in both attacking and defending

3. Cannoneer ( highest damage )

A cannon wielding class who excels in ranged bombardment; The only female character in game.

Battle Style: Ranged attacks, explosive damage

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The Berserker rocks an untamed fire-red Hairstyle. Just like his class suggests, he is an unruly Demonic Teenager. His left arm is enveloped in lava, enabling him to swing his arm as a flaming fist.

On his other hand, he holds an extremely powerful Claymore. The Berserker class leans towards defense and control, and excels in dealing massive burst damages in a wide area.

Devilish blood runs in the veins of the Berserker. Inheriting the courage and fearlessness of his ancestors; determined in the face of strong bosses. Beneath his devilish exterior hides a burning soul!

The Lancer is a noble son of the royal city. An agile, fully armored, lance-wielding class with perfect precision is what he is.

He can both tank damage while dishing out tons of damage in return. A balanced class not to be missed!The Lancer is an embodiment of justice. Born with exceptional leadership skills, he leads his royal troop to fend against monster invasions, protecting the kingdom and even the entire continent.

He is a cool, young lad who is also a genius. The embodiment of light and hope to his people!

Although small in size, this princess is no damsel in distress! Who would have ever known this tiny girl would pack such a huge punch!

The Cannoneer is a cannon-wielding class that excels in ranged bombardments. But don’t be fooled by her look, or else this cute, twin-tailed Loli will be the last thing you’ll ever see.

The Cannoneer sets out on her journey in order to protect the continent. Not forgetting her initial resolve over the journey, she’s a pure and energetic character filled with positive energy!

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