Final Boss Gowther Guide – 7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Final Boss Gowther - 7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Final Boss Gowther will be implemented into the game soon

Here is some information to help you prepare for this epic boss battle

*details may change depending on netmarble

Final Boss Gowther


He is a strength attribute character, which means that speed attributes will work well as it is the weakness.

He is immune to all debuffs

Difficulty levels

Hard: Recommended Combat Class of 100,000.

Extreme: Recommended Combat Class of 130,000.

Hell: Recommended Combat Class of 150,000.

More information

Deals 300% damage against HP Attributes and Demons.

1st Phase: He applies Attack Disable Debuffs and has his attack will increase based on the number of dead allies on your team.

Phase 2: Final Boss Gowther will heal all his allies to full health, himself as well, if a single one of them does not receive damage.

It is recommend to use a Speed Attribute hero with an AoE attack that hits all enemies and a hero with the ability to remove Debuffs and heal.

Final Boss Gowther also has Protectors that can Taunt. A hero with an ability to cancel stances is also recommended.

Clear to obtain Final Boss Gowther Points that can be exchanged for all sorts of rewards!

Final Boss Gowther’s Cosmetic, Outfit, and Weapon Costumes. 

Rewards given based on placement!

Get battle points based on your actions during the battle.

Try to achieve the best score for a high placement! 

Rewards are cumulative meaning you can potentially get everything if you play a lot.

Place in the Top 50% and you will also receive the rewards from the Top 70% and Top 100% tiers as well

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