FFWOTV UR Fryevia and UR Rain Guide

UR Fryevia

First Global Original Unit

Fryevia is a spellblade from a continent other than Ardra, she is traveling in search of equipment suitable for her abilities while hiding her elven heritage.

After coming to know no greater joy than that of crossing blades with an opponent, she now hopes to challenge warriors all over the world.

Her Limit Burst, Ice Prison, deals a large amount of damage to targets within range based on her MAG stat and lowers her AP Consumption for 3 turns.

UR Rain

Final fantasy war of the visions and final fantasy brave exvius collab

Introducing UR Rain, the Blazing Soul from FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS!

Rain is a knight of the Kingdom of Grandshelt. He is a precocious pilot who was entrusted with command of an airship at the tender age of eighteen, and he maintains a carefree—some might say lackadaisical—demeanor.

His Limit Burst, Shining Nova, lowers the target’s Fire Resistance for 3 turns, then deals a large amount of damage twice based on his MAG stat.

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