FFBE War of the Visions Tier List for UR units

FFBE War of the Visions Tier List

SS Tier


(Limited Unit / FFT Event)

Orlandeau is a great damage dealer. He has great survivability and also boasts impressive long-range abilities.

He has great long range attacks, good passive skill and high survivability but has low mobility.

S Tier

ffbe wotv tier list


Lucia has powerful long range attacks, good at killing tanky heroes and has very good raw stats but has low magical defense

ffbe wotv tier list


(Limited Unit / FFBE Event)

Rain is good at tanking magic, can use his limit burst on his first move, good debuffs however he needs his maxed leveled event weapon and hard to find good vision card to pair with.


Miranda has great support spells, can use limit burst on first turn and has ok survivability however she needs to be fully awakened


Mediena is pretty much versatile in any type of content and she is one of the strongest farming units in the game. She is great at auto farming, can use limit burst on first turn, has Flare spell for end game. However she has low survivability and not strong in late game auto arena.

Sterne Leonis

Sterne is one of the highest single target damage dealers in the game. Due to his Shuriken ability, he is able to attack enemies from afar. Has very high single target damage, good mobility however has low survivability.


Frederika is able to kite her enemies with strong opening shots before they can damage her. She has long range attacks, strong in arena however slow at farming and not good at pve.


He has a strong ability Kotetsu, has good buffs and great for farming. however has to be at level 80 and above to shine and very hard to limite break.


Ayaka shows her true potential in Tower mode and in certain PvP arena teams. She is the best healing and buffing unit in the game and can also do magical damage. Only used for PVP and tower.


He is the best tank in the game, can debuff enemies and can lower damage taken to 1. However he only works well with high damage unit.

A Tier

ffbe wotv tier list


(Limited Unit / FFBE Event)

She has 2 revives and good at tanking long range enemies.

ffbe wotv tier list


Good mobility and high damage output, She is the best spear unit. But every easily killed.


Kitone has high mobility and has great evasion skills. Has no good range attacks.


(Limited Unit / FFT Event)

Ramza works well both as magic and physical damage dealer along with the capability to grant strong buffs. He has good mobility, can deal both magic and physical damage. Has strong buffs .


Viking sub job which allows her to deal impressive AoE damage to surrounding enemies. She has a wide variety of offense skills. good mobility and survivability


(Limited Unit / FFXIV Event)

Has Good survivability, good support and can attack enemies from afar. However no limit burst ability

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