Exos Heroes Full tier list and Guide 2022

Exos Heroes Full tier list and  Guide 2020

Exos Heroes is a South Korean, 3D turn-based mobile gacha RPG, that was originally released in 2019 and is scheduled to be released globally.

The game is set in a fantasy world that is made up of five kingdoms and the story follows a treasure hunter called Zeon who gets wrapped up in a murder case after the Emperor is killed and their legendary sword is stolen.

There are over 200 heroes to collect to make up your team with, all with unique character designs and special skills which bring you a new gameplay experience every time you play.

Gameplay will involve daily dungeons, monster raids, scenario quests and PvP. Check out our Exos Heroes Guide to pre-register and view the official trailer for the game.

this tier list is specially selected for you

Exos Heroes tier list

Exos Heroes Full tier list and  Guide 2020
Exos Heroes Full tier list and  Guide 2020
Exos Heroes Full tier list and  Guide 2020

Might be old news: Ideally you will want either Bathory or Rachel, but they are the “hardest” to roll.


Exos Heroes tier list

Because they are both difficult to roll, there are other helpful heroes that will be sufficient to get you through the story line and some PVP.

The best combination to roll is Anastasia and an offensive hero like Bernadette/Sabrina or Baraka. Baraka is considered an offensive hero because his type, Chaotic is both offensive and defensive. 

If you roll a hero under Talia, it is highly recommended that you should reroll again until you have a higher tier hero.

Each hero has a star rating. The more stars the more rare and powerful the hero.

Common: 1 star
Magic: 2 star
Rare: 3 star
Legendary: 4 star
Fate: 5 star

Each star represents 15 levels a hero can achieve. This means a 1 star hero can only get up to a max of level 15 while a 5 star hero can get all the way to level 75. Once a Hero reaches their max level, they can advance even further using special means and dragon raids.

Each hero has different stats (HP, Atk, Def, Hit, Evasion, Critical Hit, Block and Atk Spd) but an easy way to determine strength is to look at their Combat Points (CP). This is a number to easily figure out which hero is generally the most powerful. But pay attention to skills as well.

Be careful about looking at just stars and CP. When building a squad, passive and active abilities of each hero should be considered and energized for maximum winning capabilities. In addition, a strong Tank and Support type hero is crucial for getting past elite content.

The summoning system

There are 6 types of ways to summon Hero to your squad in Exos Heroes:
– Free Summons
– Premium Summons
– Exodium Summons
– Sunstone Summons
– Fusing
– Limited Summons

Free Summons are just what they sound, free heroes that will not be of much use. You can only get up to a maximum of a Rare 3 star Heroes this way.

Premium Summons cost either 70 Zes for 1 attempt or 700 Zes for 11 attempts. A 11 attempt also gets players 1 Myu, which is used for Skin upgrades.

If you choose 11 attempts, you are guaranteed at least one 4 star Heroes or above. For 7000 Zes, you get 1 unique 5 star Hero ticket. Many people will say that 1 roll has better chances of getting a 5 star, however i believe that it is all up to RNG and it is not worth it letting go of an extra 70 zes when you can get 1 free extra roll for 700 zes.

Exodium Summons – Exodium is a resource you get through expeditions and daily quests. For 10 Exodiums you get one roll.

Sunstone Summons – For 300 Sunstones, you get 1 one attempt. Using this technique, you can select a prefered continent for the summon and only heroes from the continent can be summoned.

Each Hero comes from a specific continent, so you can better your chances of getting a specific Hero this way. Early on, it is best to avoid this option and focus on buying tickets or items for a character with Sunstones.

Fusing – If you have two legendary heroes, you can fuse them to summon another legendary or unique hero. You can even fuse two unique heroes to summon another new unique hero.

This is usually considered a late-game option and costs a lot of Zes, so beginner players should usually stay clear from this option. However, this is guaranteed to get legendary and unique hero tickets.

Limited Summon – There is a limited pool of 500 heroes a player can summon. For 700 Zes, players can summon 10 heroes each attempt. Every couple weeks, three or four rare heroes are available with additional skins.

Every time you summon a hero, that individual hero is removed from the pool of 500 heroes, meaning eventually you can obtain all 500 if you keep using this option.

How to grow your heroes + Tips for managing your resources

Exos Heroes is a F2P game, meaning you can invest as little or as much as you want at any time. For those who are interested in staying F2P, consider the following advice.

  • Simply put, leveling up your Heroes is the fastest way to progress through the game and absolutely necessary if you plan on engaging in PvP.  The exploration (or AFK mode) should be used whenever possible, as it is an efficient way to make sure all of your stamina is used, even when you are not playing.
  • Clearing through the story does NOT use Stamina, so it is a good idea to use all your Stamina ASAP via exploration. Then, you can go through the story aspects of the game while your Stamina is recharging!
  • You want to make sure you get a 3 star rating on every episode you complete. This will get you the maximum amount of Xes/Jess needed to purchase advanced banner pull, which you can do 3 times per month. This should be your primary goal, as it can easily get you Legendary or Fate level Heroes that you can add to your party, which greatly increases the speed in which you can clear through the story and find more powerful heroes + items.
  • Along the journey, you will obtain EXP Scrolls that can be used to level up heroes. It is best advised that you do not use all of these Scrolls on one Hero. While the starting Heroes are important to the story line, they are quickly outclassed by Legendary or Fate heroes you can summon — use your EXP Scrolls on them instead and try to create a balanced line-up of 4 star and 5 star heroes!
  • Later on in the game, you will get access to the Sanctum of Experience. This dungeon is perfect for leveling up your squad of heroes. To enter this dungeon, you need tickets and those can be earned by completing challenge assignments found in the top-left hand corner of the main squad screen.



  • Great character models: The graphics are very good – like insanely good. I am usually not impressed with graphics, but the art and 3D modeling department really did a fantastic job here
  • The UI has a nice calm colour palette and has pastel-like warm feeling to it
  • General Navigation is kind of like old-school Final Fantasy:
  • Towns: Quest giver, various mini-games
  • Airship: Main Menu where you do various functions (upgrade/review team, craft, summon, guild)
  • Overworld: Explore, talk to travelers, mission/quest objectives, next storyline


  • Nothing to write home about here; you dispatch teams to retrieve stuff, go through the storyline, level-up/maintain roster, farm various dungeons with limited entry tickets, rinse repeat
  • There is PvP once you hit a specific Chapter/Episode (Chapter 4, Episode 5-ish?) – it is not auto so you will have to manual to climb the ladder
  • There are various mini-games to play (there is a Snake game, Frog Kentucky Derby) while you’re in town, this is part of daily and provides gold
  • Hero inventory is not generous, you will run out of space (increasing 5 spaces costs 10 premium currency, expanded to 100 spaces currently)
  • Regular inventory is shared between consumables, crafting, and equipment – it is relatively generous, have not had the need to expand yet
  • Dailies take about 30-40 minutes, maybe 20 minutes if you’re rushing
  • Haven’t recorded stamina regeneration so cannot comment on
  • average playtime; the game gushes you with stamina in the beginning
  • No success/failure system on upgrading equipment 


  • Characters are separated by star tiers (nat4, nat5) and enhancement (+1, +2, etc.)
  • Characters have usually 4 “Skills” (Normal attack, Passive, S1, S2)
  • Passives are Tier locked (nat3 will need to promote to nat4 to unlock Passive)
  • There are some characters at lower tiers that are highly rated by the Korean community


Costumes (currently two in the game, Wedding Theme) – no notable stat advantage, seems to be purely cosmetic so no costume-gate so far, can be achieved with various tasks in-game, I believe

Blue crystals (IRL currency) – this can be used to buy Gold, Stamina, and Premium Currency (Purple Orbs). Can be used to purchase enhancement items, leveling scrolls, and other forms of improvement items

Purple Orbs are used to summon gacha and buy stamina – haven’t found another use for them yet. You gain these orbs with dailies, achievements, various stuff.

Summons costs 700 Purple Orbs for 11 pulls; there is currently a banner with limited draws – after you exhaust your 3 draws, you can only do regular banner.

Strange design decision, maybe to avoid Whales to tier-whore? That means you can’t throw money at it to get characters you want.


Mileage: After 10 points, you get a free summon card – different tiers provide different points, I don’t know the exact conversion rate

Summon Rates: 2.0% (nat5), 7.5% (nat4), 35% (nat3), 55.5% (nat2), I currently have 2x nat5 and only re-rolled once

Game is not re-roll friendly, tutorial & prologue takes a while to get to your first multi-summon (12 stages) and about 20-30 minutes of subsequent gameplay for your second multi-summon


AFK/Sleep Mode – So you “farm” stages by letting the team auto roam the Overworld via the Expedition function. It will consume Stamina so it’s great when you want to do other things and do not want to be Stamina capped.

In this mode, the team just runs around and digs/fights mobs. You will obtain experience, gold, various crafting items, character shards, etc.

The great thing is that there is a Battery Saver screen so you can have your team continue their expeditions.

Exos Heroes tier list

You can find the updated tier list HERE from korea

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