Exos Heroes – Core Raid Diastrophism Guide

Exos Heroes - Core Raid Diastrophism Guide

CoreRaid is Opened
[ Event Period ] : June 10th 20:00 ~ June 24th 19:59 UTC TIME

[Event Reward] : Step-up Reward
*Step 1 : Gale FaithCore (Orange)
*Step 2 : Holy Water of the Universe
*Step 3 : Creation Spirit King
*Step 4 : Light of the Enlightened (Fated Physical Helm)
*Step 5 : Prophet’s Halo (Fated Magical Helm)

You can obtain a core raid coupon using levistones. The stamina of the dungeon boss adds up and continues to the next battle.

Maximum number of clears depends on the difficulty of the core raid. Clear time will be reset every day at 20:00 UTC TIME

You can exchange your core raid coupons into materials in the core raid shop, unused coupons will be changed into gold after the event is over.

Basic product will be reset after a certain amount of time and you can reset it with Xes.

Raid product can be upgraded with step-up reward reset. You can only purchase it once.

TAKE NOTE: you can only do core raid after clearing chapter 7-13

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