Epic Seven Operator Sigret / ML Sigret

ML Sigret

Operator Sigret

An Android with a mysterious power who is beginning to understand Humans

An Android created by the Homunculus rebel organization using forbidden Lost Technology. Though she was created to destroy the world, in the process of seizing her from the enemies, Krau was registered in her system as an administrator, and as a result, Operator Sigret was assigned to Special Force Team 7. At first she was merely a machine with no emotions, but as she embarks on more missions with Krau, she’s beginning to develop her own personality.

Faces: Link

Skill Icons: Link

S3 Animation: Link

Attribute: Dark

Role: Ranger

Zodiac: Libra

Gacha Line: Operator Sigret. At your service.

Personalities: Academic / Loyal

Camping Topics: Unique Comment / Reality Check

Camping Chat #1: Humans seem to ingest harmful substances for various reasons. If that is what Humans do…I would like to try it as well.

Camping Chat #2: This emotion I am feeling now… How do I know it is real? Perhaps this is merely another line of code in my programming.

Command/Attractiveness/Politics: 75 / 82 / 68

Combat Power: 16680Critical Hit Chance: 27%
Health: 5502Critical Hit Damage: 160%
Attack: 1079Resistance: 0%
Defense: 564Effectiveness: 0%
Speed: 115Dual Attack Chance: 5%

Skill 1 – Incision

Attacks the enemy with a scythe, before healing the ally with the lowest Health. Amount recovered increases proportional to the caster’s Attack.

Recovered Health: 0.3 per caster Attack.

Cooldown: 0 turns.

Soul Gain: 1 souls.

Attack Rate: 1.0

POW: 1

Upgrades: +5% damage dealt, +5% damage dealt, +5% damage dealt, +5% damage dealt, +10% damage dealtSkill 2 – Annihilation

Batters the enemy with a scythe. Grants an extra turn when the enemy is defeated. Penetrates the target’s Defense by 50%, or by 100% when the target is granted a barrier.

Cooldown: 4 turns.

Soul Gain: 2 souls.

Attack Rate: 0.8

POW: 1

Upgrades: +5% damage dealt, +5% damage dealt, +5% damage dealt, +5% damage dealt, +10% damage dealtSkill 3 – Obliterate

Calls in drones to attack all enemies, with a 75% chance to decrease buff durations by 1 turn. Increases Attack of all allies for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 5 turns.

Soul Gain: 3 souls.

Attack Rate: 1.1

POW: 1.1

Soulburn: Extends the duration of the buff granted by this skill by 1 turn.

Upgrades: +5% damage dealt, +10% effect chance, -1 turn cooldown, +15% effect chance, +15% damage dealt

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