Epic Seven Dagger Sicar Guide

Epic Seven Dagger Sicar Guide

credits to u/Magi604

Speed: 200+, the faster the better. In general most of my units hovered in the 200-220 range, except Alots who was at 250+ speed, and any nuke units who were slow and usually summoned by ALots or ARas S2 anyways.

Health and defence: 1000 Def, 12k HP. More is better, and tanking units definitely need more. Unlike finely tuned auto/speedrun/one-shot hunt teams, your units will take some hits, so they need some bulk to survive.

Effectiveness: Any unit who plans on debuffing will need at least 65% effectiveness for maximum chance at landing a debuff.

Artifacts and Equipments: DDJ for the damage dealers. It will be noted if any specific artifact or equipment was used.



No Ranger No Thief

Luna, Sigret, Dizzy, Momo.

Take it easy the first round, build up souls, keep your powder dry for the big boss. When you’re at Wyvern, use Dizzy’s S3 to help Momo tank, use Luna’s S3 to dbreak, and go nuts. It’s unlikely you can kill Wyvern before barrier, but your S3s should be up again so just rinse and repeat. Arky finish if needed.


No Warriors No Soul Weavers

Lilias, FKluri, Baiken, ALots.

I think most Golem 1-shot teams need little modification to be able to do this one. Just line up a dbreak with your nuke + atkup from ALots and fire, hang on and finish either with Arky or fists/swords. ARas is probably more optimal than Lilias for this one, I just had her geared at the time so she got the call. Baiken could be any non-warrior nuke (Melissa or Ervalen would probably be great here).


4 green 3 star heroes

FKluri, 3x randoms

I used the FKluri cheese team higlighted here. If you have other green 3stars built that you want to use sure toss them in, but FKluri will carry. Note you NEED to have three other 3stars in the team to start, if you start solo with FKluri you will not trigger the award. Just put in some randoms and let them die during the battle.


4 3 star heroes

Angelic Momo, ARas, FKluri, CLorina.

Between Momo, ARas, and FKluri, they can probably keep alive any randomly built 3* and you can just Arky the Azimanak to death. If you have CLorina or another 3* dps built, just line up some FKluri dbreaks with Ras S2 and the unit’s strongest attack.


3 Knights

Rose, Krau, ARas, SSB

This one was deceptively easy, in fact I beat it on first try. One thing to remember is these are KNIGHTS so they can take a few hits. Basically, don’t worry too much about the debuffing like you normally would and just let Wyvern hit whoever. The team should pack enough damage mitigation (Aurius, Adamant, etc.) to keep everyone alive long enough (and if your DPS gets unlucky and dies just try again). Slow roll the first wave and build up souls, and then spam ARas S2 during Wyvern phase, hopefully landing a dbreak early. Rose’s atk up was nice for this one, I bet she could be a 4* and be just as effective. SSB is obviously choice since she will shred Wyvern fast, but I think any standard W13 dps + DDJ can do the job.


2 Heroes

ARas, Cermia.

This was a bit of an RNG fest thanks to using Cermia’s S1 EE. I tried Cermia with Sigurd’s for sustain, but no bueno. I had to put her on lifesteal, but this meant I could then use DDJ. Once again slow roll the first wave to build up souls. When you reach Golem, spam ARas S2, hope a dbreak hits, and hope that Cermia procs her S1 EE. Do this a few times. This should hopefully get you close enough to super burst finish with her S3. Immunity is VERY IMPORTANT or your units will get stunned/dbreak and get slammed to death. Fun fact: Cermia’s unhealable blocks the tree’s heal (the tree dispels the unhealable AFTER it tries to heal G13. Is this a bug?). Basically, unhealable does its job. Very handy. Lots of alternate options exist in Sol/Ken/Melissa, possibly even non-red ones like Baiken and Ervalen.


4 Mages

Dizzy, Vivian, ALots, CZerato.

Pretty simple, Dizzy for damage mitigation, Vivian for Immunity. The Mistychain phase should be easy thanks to Vivian. Use ALots to summon whoever is needed. Czerato is there for the dbreak, but someone like Luluca would probably be better. I wish I had Luluca.


2 Thief 2 Mage

ALots, Tenerbia, Arby, Green Arby.

This was the last one I tackled and also the most frustrating. A major key to this battle is to escape the first wave relatively unscathed, as you probably won’t have much if any sustain unless you have Roozid (I had to put Green Arby on lifesteal). Burst them down as quickly as possible and get on to the boss. Now is the tricky part. Hope that Azimanak doesn’t put too many bleeds on your guys on his first free hit. Hope that Tenerbia’s dbreak lands. Hope that Tenerbia can Iela away berserk when it pops up. And hope your guys can just burst Azimanak down close enough for an Arky finish. Alots is quarterback, summmon whoever is needed. I tried my Vivian but she’s not built very well, though immunity was great at stopping poisons/bleeds. Czerato is a bad idea as accidentally triggering a “too-many-debuffs” counterattack from Azimanak is death. Kayron might be better than Arby here because you might be able to do cute tricks with the eggs and extending immortality, and ALots can always keep him buffed for everything to be FIRE all the time.


I just want to highlight the disturbing lack of ML5s used throughout these challenges. The only one used was Arby for the second A13 challenge, and that’s only because my Kayron is not built right now, but I WISH I had my Kayron built because he’s probably better than Arby for it anyways and also so I can say I did Dagger Sicar Hunts without any ML5*s. Aside from ALots the only other ML4 (Czerato) is replaceable. Don’t let a lack of ML5s or ML4s deter you from trying these challenges.

I also think the stats I achieved with my units are quite accessible. They’re mostly in the 200-220 spd range, I don’t have any monster 4K atk 350%CritD 200+spd units, I don’t have crazy gears. Just save your free unequip scroll for a day when you want to tackle a bunch of these so you can swap gears around cost free to pool your best gears (and MAKE SURE TO RECORD WHERE THE GEARS GO so you can put everything back together afterwards).

ALots with a max limit broken Spirit’s Breath is busted, and sadly if you don’t have that you may have to approach some of these challenges much more differently than I did. The good news is plenty of alternate solutions abound depending on your units, check this thread out for tips and tricks. Thanks to Trung Tran for the ALots inspiration.

Speaking of units these were my most used:

ARas x3 (Should have been 4, he’s probably better than Lilias for the first Golem challenge)

FKluri x3 (She can solo B13 so she gets extra head pats for that)

ALots x3 (Max LB Spirit’s Breath on ALots is busted. If you have a light speed PvP ALots that’s made of paper you might have to slow him down a bit to give him some bulk)

Dizzy x2 (Probably the only unit in this entire run who is limited and not directly replaceable with something else [see second B13 challenge]. Not saying the challenge is impossible without her, just that you might have to take a much different approach from me)

Momo x2 (Replaceable with other healer/3*)

Tama x0 (Surprised me actually, though she is technically banned from 5 of the challenges anyways)

My goodness did SG ever do a good job with Adventurer Ras. He’s so well designed and effective and accessible by all. He’s also going to be key for 3 of the Expedition Sicar quests, and even the latest Abyss stages. Go build him if you haven’t already.

Same with FKluri. Remember, they nerfed her long time ago, she was actually Ultra Instinct Time-Lord tier, but even today after that she’s still crazy good. My FKluri is shit but she does the job. Go build her if you haven’t already.

Take some time to plan your strategy. Use pen and paper or a spreadsheet, list which units you might want to use for which challenges, plan who gets what gears, and find a sequence that lets you take full advantage of your free unequip scroll if you plan on using that.

It might not be a good idea to marathon all these challenges in a weekend (I also did the 6 available Expedition Sicar quests and 2 of the Raid Sicar quests). You might burn out a little (I’m probably gonna take a break from the game for a few days). Maybe try and tackle a challenge or two per week, or wait until free unequip buffs to do some.

Lastly don’t get frustrated if you can’t do some or all of these quests yet. Remember, these are END GAME challenges “designed” specifically by SG to be challenging, they assume players who are able to tackle them will have most of the units and artifacts necessary to give a solid attempt. Just keep playing and grinding, get slowly better, and one day you’ll feel you’re ready to take a shot.

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