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ML krau Guide and review

Last rider Krau Guide and review

After a week with the big guy I’ve come to the conclusion that SG was needlessly conservative with how his passive works.

His S3 does appreciable damage that can ramp up to putting dps units 1 hit from KO status (or outright kill them). Also, while his S1 doesn’t offer any Knight-style utility, it does lend itself to facilitating faster S3 rotation. That being said, yes, not having to build effectiveness is nice, but his S1 doesn’t help the rest of his team.

No provoke, attack down, defense down, unbuffable. These can be significant boons once all the higher cooldown skills are spent. OK, so his S1 only helps him but maybe he has an amazing passive to make up for it and answer is…

Is his passive good

Not really. His passive is split into two parts I’ll get into separately. It offers offensive and defensive capabilities which lend to what he’s supposed to offer. Before proceeding I think I’d be correct in saying that ML Kraus role is to disinsentivize and indeed punish AoE heavy comps so I’ll be examining things from that lens.

Offensive (cooldown reset) – The nature of how most AoE skills work is that they’re often a heroes S3 and in some instances an S2. For ML Krau to “cash-in” on his S2 resetting his cooldowns he has to go first or at the very least before other all non-opener heroes.

This is acceptable since we don’t need effectiveness hence more of our stat budget gets to go into speed. If he doesn’t catch those early AoEs then he’s SOL. Lots of greedy S1s that accomplish little. This is opposed to units just existing and generating their value like SSB building focus, Elena reducing AoE damage and her S2 heal etc.

A surefire way for ML Krau to offer increased value is to bring him up against SSB comps (her passive AoE counters) and against Dizzy who’s entire kit is AoE skills (and the common counter build speeding things up further). Otherwise, typical AoEs (i.e not those two) are early and come with long cooldowns. Against non-SSB comps this also necessitates having to Soulburn every instance of his S3 for sufficient ramping.

Even with an SSB you might be inclined to Soulburn to ensure another S3 on Krau’s second turn. Within the scope of skill-cooldown lower/reset heroes like ML Haste, Dark Corvus and now Landy this requirement is a bit ludicrous. I shouldn’t need an ancient book on the team. Having to S1 3 turns in a row with ML Krau can feel very feelsbadman.

Defensive (barrier) – This is my bigger problem with his passive and why I discussed the prior section first. If his cooldown reduction was more aggressive like a Dark Corvus or his S1 actually did something I might be willing to let this slide. These barriers are trash.

Firstly they appear after an AoE so you have to eat the damage before. The biggest problem is that they’re 1 TURN! What the hell is the point of a one turn barrier?

There’s only one worthwhile one-turn barrier in the game which is ML Haste’s because there’s actually an exact moment it needs to appear. It appears upon revive, it’s huge, it has immunity.

Completely, absolutely dunks even the best Arby’s revive S3 (unless someone has a defense break before hand). What does this Krau barrier do? Why isn’t it 2 turns? 

Every other barrier you can think of in the game is 2 turns. Literally only generates value if 2 enemies attack back to back. What if a unit survived an SSB counter with 100 hp left, they get a barrier and now it’s their turn and its gone as soon as their turn ends. This barrier is the extent of his “Knight” stuff in his kit and its often ineffectual and outright useless at times.

I’m not saying this guy needs a buff urgently or anything. He’s definitely serviceable as is. I mean, I’m using him now. However, in addressing his role I think it’s fair to say ML Krau doesn’t significantly disincentivize AoE spam through sheer brutal force nor through increased durability or sustain.

What do you guys think?

For sure, I think he is fine but I wanted to highlight that his passive is where his kit lacks if anything. His damage is good. Please no more damage.

Since he doesn’t bring team utility on S1 like a debuff or strip like most other knights, his support role gets pushed to his S2. All he offers on that front is a shield that may or may not accomplish anything.

I don’t even want the shields to be bigger, just make them last 2 turns. In the case that a character goes after Krau they actually get something out of it and in the larger scope of a match, they actually have to be dealt with. It’s practically standard on all other shields in the game except for ML Haste.

Also like I alluded to, S3s tend to come out rather front loaded so there will be turns where at the best of times opponents will be cycling single target attacks, so it’s not even a guarantee Krau will be putting up shields every turn.

He supports poorly and I don’t feel like he’s so deadly that he shouldn’t do a slightly better job of it. His blue counterpart has that lethal S3 and a pushback S2 + team defense buff for instance.

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