Elona Mobile Best Class

For min-maxers, only racial feat and equipment slots matter. All other stats and skills you can get through normal course of play. You can even change the name of the race later with a Philosopher’s stone mask in Elona+.

Notable races:

Mutant – Interesting choice, can be the best damage-dealer in the game, or can land on position “still better than snail”. Good if you don’t mind savescumming to get the slots you want. Something of note is that in Elona+ you can get up to 27 equipment slots, by visiting Doctor Gavela before reaching level 3, so that you get to 15 equip slots through his services before gaining the 12 that mutants normally get from level-ups, totaling 27 slots.

Fairy – Its built-in resistances are really outstanding, however one should note that they only start with 40 Life, while the most typical amount for player races is 100, meaning they may take less damage from elements but have considerably less HP as well. Moreover, the equipment weight limitation can be crippling, as most interesting precious artifacts would need dozens of scrolls of flying. Consequently, fairies are forever barred from decent weapons for Two Hand skill, and can never wear Medium or Heavy Armor, thereby limiting their playstyles.

Snail. A joke race for those who love grinding. Snails should probably avoid any city staffed with humble cleaners even after they become powerful.

Extra (extended) race choices:

Asura can be almost as damaging as a mutant with multiple hands, but lack armor slots. Metal and quickling get ridiculous speed at the expense of fragility and equipment slots. Catgod has good speed, hands, and far more life than metals and quicklings, but still lacks some slots. Catsister is the fastest race that has standard starting slots, but may be slightly hard to start due to low life and poor racial skills.

Anything without standard slots and no compensatory gimmick like speed or multiple hands should probably be avoided on the Snail principle. Note, however, that almost all races can eventually get standard slots in Elona+ versions 1.17 and later, as Doctor Gavela can give you random new slots at the expense of life, so you can make up the ones you’re missing with a bit of luck and then eat Hero cheese to recover. Exceptions to this would be races with excessive amount of the same slot, like 4 hands + 4 rings on Yith.

None of the extra races have any feat associated with them.


Farmer starts with the highest Learning and good Constitution. Roll and re-roll to confirm their max starting values for your race, lock them in, and then get Strength. In vanilla Elona, a character with 300 Learning gets 45 skill points on level up. In Elona+, the gain is capped at 15 points per level (reachable at 83 Learning). Decent Strength and Constitution mean good health and carry capacity. Additionally, Elona+ classes have unique feats and while the Farmer’s is rather lackluster, Elona+ has the Business card which can change it later, obtainable through blackjack or rarely dungeoneering. So, you can choose starting stats and skills for an easier beginning, then re-select the class feat once you’re established. Gardening, Cooking and Negotiation skills will make for an easy life.

Pianist may also be a good choice if you are inheriting a lot of powerful pets through monster balls. You would still want to lock in the highest Learning, Constitution, and then Charisma, instead of Strength. Starting with the first at 15 Charisma, every five points in the stat allows for another pet to join your party, and you can train it cheaply through Performer. The Weight Lifting skill will help with the carrying capacity you miss out on by not rolling for Strength, and Pianists also start with trained Riding skill. Use scrolls of Inferior Material on your Piano until it becomes paperwork and can reasonably be part of your everyday carry, then make Gardening and Cooking some of your first acquired skills to train up your Learning.

Elona Mobile Best Race

For top races i gotta go with golems, liches, judiere and goblins. fairys will always suck early and later on and euldernas come close for the top races. for class.

Elona Mobile Best Class

The best classes are warrior ,warmage ,claymore, thieves and pianists. Farmers in my opinion are for people who have alot of time and are very smart ( farmers are one of the top because of their potential). I reccomend Golems as warmages,claymore,warrior,gunner and pianitst. Judiere has benefits that help in the long run, i reccomed judieres as theives,claymore,warmage or even farmer and gunner. lithces are good as warmages, priests, wizzards and any mp related classes. goblins are great as theives , warmages, claymore, piantists and warrior. euldernas are descent in every class with some nice resisting magic but they specialize in magic classes more. Golems in my opnion is the best class, they can get more speed and the feats and hp is amazing, they can be very useful in every class and only requires a player that is helpful enough to raise the speed. edit: Eleas are great for magic players, good wizards and warmages.

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