Easy way to break the horn of Kulve Taroth

The Kulve Taroth is back again!

But all I know is that there’re still lots of people who don’t know how to play against it and wanna trying to break its horn “IN THE FIRST ATTEMPT”.

Let me tell you why you shouldn’t break the horn in the first attempt.

You need to breakdown all of 11 part( part of the horn breakdown, hand breakdown 2x, chest breakdown 2x, thigh breakdown 2x, tail’s part breakdown 2x, the tail breakdown and the full horn breakdown.)and having the highest level of tracking at the same time in case to get the full reward level (level 17).

And if you break the horn in the first attempt everytime, it may cost you lots of time (more than 7 minute a round )and the chance to get a higher reward (at least 2 tracking level and tail breakdown, which means about 190 points, or 4 level of the rewards.).

And here’s the tip,first of all, you need to have 16 people in the mission(You can find somebody to play with in the internet. For example, the big community forum like reddit or something else.),which means 4 squad to boost up the tracking level completely at the first attempt .

Second,you need to have two build of light bowgun(lightening bullet boosted and ice bullet boosted), which have cirtical boost 3,elemental damage boost level 3 (lightening and ice element)and critical element of Rathalos Mastery(2) to make it faster.

Third ,cooperate with other players, only do three area for the first attempt, and you need to focus on tracking.The easy way to make Kulve Taroth transfer to the forth area is full outside body part breakdown “ONCE”,so you need the lightening elemental boosted set and remind your teammates the part you breakdown for first to third area in case to make it faster.

If you have a good partner,you make complete the first attempt within 10 minutes.And after all of the squads finished the first attempt, you will have a easy tracking level 6 game.All you need to notice is that you need to change your set to the ice elemental boosting one which deals big damage to its horn in the forth area. The second attempt would be around 6 to 9 minute which is a really decent time for Kulve Taroth.

Compare with break the horn in the first attampt(lvl13 rewards for max, 25 to 30 minutes),playing with lightening/ice bowgun and 16 players is way better (lvl 15 rewards for min , 10~11 minutes +6~9 minutes+loading time*1).

Also, if you find on the set builder, you need these for the following skills:

WE 3, MM 3, Critical Element, Fire Res 3, Thunder/Ice Attack 3, Health Boost 3, Free Elem/Ammo up 3.

  • Head: Nerg B
  • Chest: Rath B
  • Arm: Rath B
  • Waist: Kulve B
  • Leg: Kirin B
  • Maximum Might Charm II

You need 1 Tenderize gem to make WE3, the rest decos are fairly easy to get.(Vitality * 3, Bolt/Ice * 3, Fire res * 1)

edit: someone also tested element ammo capped at 3x, so there is no point going for 5x element gems.


For weapon, you are going to want a fire weapon with part breaker 3 and affinity built. Fire helps the armor go into the molten state much faster, making it easier to break.

The first phase of the hunt is very easy to advance, even solo. Just make sure you land every fallen boulder on taroth and she’ll move to the cavern at level 1.

The cavern fight is where things get iffy. You need to do considerable damage and break enough parts in order to move to the lava cavern. You can build for flight and use the jump mantle to help with this and at least get the horn plating off. Keep using fire and part breaker.

If you can get to the lava cavern, good job. go back to camp and switch your weapon to something harder hitting (fire could still work, but there are better weapons). You have to rely on the environment if you have any hope of progressing to the final fight. If you don’t land all three boulders and have her in an eruption. You will not move on. In order to move on to the final battle, you must knock off Taroth’s armor entirely, by doing a very large amount of damage. Not possible for a single player, unless you have a broken build and hit every environmental hazard.

If, by some miracle you fit the broken build criteria and get Taroth to the final fight. You need 2 things: a weapon with partbreaker, and skills for easier and more often mounting. Knock her down and bomb her horns as often as you can and keep the damage going (anywhere, not just horn… to trigger knockdowns).

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