DragonRaja – Beginner Guide and Best Class

DragonRaja - Beginner Guide and Best Class

Every MMO has its own progression and learning curve, and Dragon Raja is of no exception. This mobile game offers not only great graphics and performance but also an engaging combat system with many different and amazing skills, as well as various ways to increase your power. In this guide, we’re going to share a few tips to improve your character in this game, as well as how to keep safe from harm while you destroy anyone that stands in your way.

UI Functions

Motor: Here are your homepage for getting mounts, Unlocking colours, and evolving mounts will be accumulated and gives you power regarding whether or not you are riding your most pimped out mount.

Rank: To see where you belong in this harsh competitive of a world

Wardrobe: This is where you change your preferred costumes, although you can also gain power just by unlocking colors and new clothes from here

Skill: in here you are able to configure your skill sets, passives, and auto casting lineups.

Core: this is for the more specific stat distribution, you will distribute your stats gained from gems here, choose which build is best for you as you only have a limited slot of 16 gems.

Gear: Sometimes you will attain gears that have special buffs in them which you can configure from here, when you get the buff it will remain unlocked no matter whether you are wearing your gear or not.

Pet: Common to see in RPGs nowadays this is your pet home page, pets will have 3 forms of evolution which will give a huge boost of power once evolved, each pets will evolve at a certain pet level to a max level of 100 of which power from pet will only be gained from giving it passive skills.

Career: this is like your profession that you can only pick 1 to nurture at the start of the game, however you get to be able to have 2 of these profession at level 60 but beware that if you do so, the amount of vit wasted will not change, thus your progression will be slower if you focus on 2 profession.

Settings: for options display, sound etc

Social: to open your personal virtual mobile phone, it serves the same purpose as the friend ui besides chat box

Club: this is your guild home page

Ally: Your extra skill, what i mean by extra skill is that the ally you put as “center” will serve as an extra skill slot, leveling up ally will increase both stats and skill % effectiveness, you may also distribute exp evenly among other ally and still gain power since every ally in your roster is contributing stats to your main character

Purple square: tap around this area to open the world map

Green square: “Peace” is to enable/disable your pvp mode, having peace mode disabled will get you labelled as dangerous and might get hunted while you grind or do world bosses

“Training” is for you to get extra exp when your daily exp is capped out, remember to bring a team of 5 to grind with you since killing these monster solo takes a long time and exp is only granted after reaching a certain amount of kills.

Red square: your eye sigil, it lets you detects the unseeable, sometimes you need to tap on this to do certain quests/hidden events eg. like level 60 world bosses, nibelungen key dungeon.

Personal Virtual Mobile Phone

Flower ticket: you can collect 5 of these daily to get a certain prize when you reach 100 and send friends some tickets tapping on certain icon like mentorship and bond will direct you to an NPC, i have yet to find what affinity and bond benefits, but with mentorship, you can trade mentorship points with cosmetics and avatars, you can get apprentice when you reach lvl 30 and you can get anyone level 30 + but not higher than your level.

Starting the Game

First do all the main quests, skip cut scenes/not is up to you skipping cut scenes will not affect your exp gain in any way, until you unlocks your dailies around level 20.

When you peaked main quests at around level 35 day 1, you will need to start doing your dailies, and try as much to get all 150 pts of gifts.

Doing all the quests in “trial” tab would not give you all 150 pts, you need to participate in a few club events / limited time events and even career to fully get 150 pts.

I do not recommend spending diamonds to buy gears early game, as you will get gears easily at start, and starts to get harder around level 50.

DO NOT disassemble gears blindly, you can transfer colored stats to a new piece of gear which is higher tiered (eg. you can not transfer level 50 gears to level 40 gears) if you find a purple stat in a green lvl 50 gear but you are wearing level 40 gear, you might wanna store them first in your storage (can be found in your bag tabs when you open bag on the right side of screen).

Play in a party

Most of the contents in DragonRaja gives extra benefit to players in a team or when you gift others, try as much as you can to do quests with guildies and in a team of 5s.

Below are some examples of what items to take in mind to gift:


Each class can craft only a specific type of grimoire. crafting grimoire costs 100 personal vit, when you craft grimoire, find other type of elemental grimoire from other classes

Assassin – earth

Blade master – fire

Gunslinger – wind

Soul dancer – water

Exchange these for rewards twice a week,  you can craft grimoire by tapping on your profile (the avatar on the top left corner on your screen) and tap on the + icon besides your “vit”.

Job item crafting

You can sell these items for diamonds, or better yet trade it with people of different profession so you can get the maximum amount of buff without paying a dime


Each class has different main stats marked by the yellow “M” when you tap on “!” on your profile.

Sse these to decide what kind of gems you put into your “core” slots and to decide what kind of stats to transfer to your end game gears.

Maximizing gems in your core slots is the key of having high power rating, you can at most fill 3 types of gems 9-5-2 out of the 4 types of gems

Leveling up your core gives you more power rating, to level up your core, ALL of your geems need to be the exact same level, as long as you have 1 gem of lowest level, your core level will follow the lowest level gem

PS. although gems are cheap, I recommend not spending all your p2w wallet onto gems because at level 60 gear enhancement will be unlocked.

Pet cultivation, you can equip pets with passives and skills, the amount of skills and passives unlocked will depend on the evolution of your pet, 1st tier of evolution will have 0 unlocked, 2nd tier will have 3 passive and 1 skill, 3rd tier will unlock all 6 passive and 2 skills.

Passives = 6 boxes

skills = 3 circles

Passives may give extra stats to pet, temporary stat boost to main character or debuff enemies

there are 3 tier of passives giving 30%, 60% to 90% of extra stats

I recommend buying either tier 1 with gold or tier 3 with diamonds for max efficiency rather than buying tier 2 and to spend more later for tier 3.

Sigils are cheap extra upgrades to spend your stones obtained from doing dailies for extra stats, don/t worry if you don/t have enough stones tho, the system will just automatically buy the shards with your gold, but I don/t recommend buying the stones with gold since the stones are pretty common and have a wide level cap every 3 levels.

How to Increase Your Power in DragonRaja

Your power, or rating as its called in this game, is a representation of your overall progress in DragonRaja. This number is an accumulation of everything you have done and achieved to this point in the game. The higher it is, the stronger your character will be, in general. In this sense, while your rating will progressively increase as you complete chapters and overcome challenges in this game, there are other ways in which you can contribute towards developing your rating.

Here is a brief summary of things you can do to boost your rating in DragonRaja:

  • Leveling up.
  • Equipping stronger gear.
  • Unlocking and equipping new titles.
  • Unlocking and upgrading many different mounts.
  • Unlocking and upgrading combat skills.
  • Unlocking and equipping Allies.
  • Socketing special gems in your cores.

While some of these increase your power rating more than others, they are all important for maxing your character, and you will need to work on all if you want to reach your maximum potential.

String Abilities Together and Cancel Animations

Now that you’re nice and powered up, it’s time to actually put the said power to use on the battlefield.

Combat in DragonRaja is quite rigid and not as flowy as in other MMORPGs. Specifically, with certain exceptions, your attacks don’t quite flow together very well. Especially with melee classes, your auto-attack animations are somewhat long and slow. On the one hand, the combat doesn’t feel quite as satisfying initially due to this very rigidness, but on the other hand, it encourages a strategic play style where you must consider every action carefully before committing to it, or else suffer when the enemy punishes you with a massive attack.

However, a good way to boost your skills in combat and keep the damage flowing is to weave skills between your basic attacks using the game’s buffering system, in a process known as animation canceling. In a nutshell, this process consists of issuing a skill attack while your character is occupied swinging his weapon. This command will get buffered in a queue and will execute automatically as soon as your character finishes his first animation, sometimes even saving a bit of precious time in the process.

By using the buffering system and weaving skills between regular attacks, you can keep the pressure up at all times.

Use Your CC Wisely

While most classes have defensive or evasive skills to stay out of harm’s way, some of them also have CC abilities that, instead of relying on moving out of the way, incapacitate the enemy so they can’t fight back. As you can imagine, a stunned or knocked down enemy simply can’t fight back and is wide open for punishment. For this reason, it’s best to take note of your skills that have additional control effects and use them wisely.

Especially in dungeons and group content, a good CC can help your team to easily wipe out hordes of enemies.

Strafe to Win

While buffering skills between attacks is a great way to keep the pressure up when engaging the enemy, it won’t help if you’re constantly getting smashed and interrupted by every single attack. Yes, stringing combos and attacking the enemy is important, but it’s also crucial that you avoid getting hit yourself if you plan to survive the toughest encounters.

Luckily, dodging enemy attacks, for the most part, is as simple as staying mobile at all times, which you can easily do by constantly moving in one direction while attacking. It helps if you activate the option to keep the camera locked on the enemy while attacking as this will keep you centered on your foe while you run laps around him. You can find this option in the settings menu, in the “Battle” tab—it’s the very first option on this screen.

Use Your Dodge Skills

Nevertheless, even if you’re moving while attacking, you’ll still need to sometimes move out of the way extra fast to stay safe and avoid some attacks.

If you’ve been playing Dragon Raja for a while now, you may have noticed that your movement speed is quite sluggish, at least compared to other MMORPGs where you can essentially zip through the battlefield with blinding speed. For this reason, avoiding attacks and dangerous AoEs is difficult, especially due to the long attack animations that we talked about earlier. In this sense, instead of relying on manually moving out of harm’s way, you should strive to make use of your dodge skill.

Keep in mind that, like regular skills, you can also buffer your dodges to execute an evasive move as soon as you finish your current animation. This is great for exploiting a vulnerability and then immediately moving out of harm’s way.

By incorporating these combat tips and tricks to your gameplay in Dragon Raja, you’ll not only power up your character and increase their rating but will also be able to heavily punish your enemies while steering clear from their attacks.

All classes in the Dragon Raja mobile MMORPG

By the time of the Dragon Raja western release, the Chinese version should have six classes revealed. Players in North America and Europe will be able to choose between four classes, with no gender lock whatsoever getting in the way of your selection.

In a quick glance, here are the Dragon Raja classes:

  • Soul Dancer
  • Assassin
  • Blade Master
  • Gunslinger
  • Fighter
  • Scythe
  • Puppeteer (tentative name)

The Fighter and Scythe classes, along with the future ones, will be released as additional content. Obviously, there may be a name change due to localization requirements, but their roles should be fairly standard by the current MMORPG tropes.

Soul Dancer Class | Support and Healer

The Soul Dancer is surely the most interesting class of the bunch. They are never alone, as they have a shadow by their side at all times. This class looks whimsical and fragile, but it is a perfect support class, capable of dealing magic damage and lowering the foes’ defenses. The Soul Dancer class has other tricks up its sleeve, such as stopping time, teleporting, or turning the enemies into vulnerable yellow ducks who are unable to attack.

Official description:
All Soul Dancers have a shadow form like a twin sister or brother who would never leave their side. Scholars believe that these are actually their reflections from another dimension. Using the abilities to manipulate time and space, Soul Dancers could heal themselves by speeding up time and offer strong support for their teammates.

Assassin Class | Melee and Ranged DPS

The Dragon Raja Assassin class isn’t the weak and nimble character that is often seen in other games. Instead of being a sneaky and fragile being, this Assassin comes with high-tech weaponry and clever tricks. A twirling wheel can be thrown at the enemies, and a subsequent teleport will ensure that more punishment will find its way. Assassins deal high damage up close, but they can also protect themselves by using the Crystal Coffin skill, which stops all damage for a few seconds.

Official description:
Equipped with next-gen weapons which combine Dragon Blood and modern technology, Assassins could transform their weapons into different shapes to attack enemies. With their powerful weapons, Assassins could handle very complicated combats. They have two available forms: normal and raid.

Blade Master Class | Melee

The Blade Master class is the perfect choice if you want to cut and slash through the opposing forces. This class has skills that hit several foes at a time with a swift strike of the sword, dispatching up to five enemies at a time. The Blade Master is the tank class in Dragon Raja, a deadly warrior with fast attacks and strong defense.

Official description:
Anyone who could claim the name of Blade Master are geniuses who could really wield their swords and blade. They always carry two swords by their side, Meitou and Large Tachi. During a combat, they could swiftly change their fighting positions and unleash different skills.

Gunslinger Class | Ranged DPS

The Gunslinger class packs quite a punch… literally. This class brings the heavy arsenal to the fight, deploying landmines, calling out satellite attacks, or even becoming invisible for a brief period of time. Let’s not forget about the guns that the Gunslinger class uses all the time, shooting from a distance without worrying about bullet shortage, like the ranged DPS class that it is.

Official description:
Gunslingers are the sharpest hunters on the battlefields. Once they have selected an enemy, there will be no way out. Meanwhile, the Gunslinger also possesses the most luxurious armory – Particle Beam, SPI Landmine, HMG, Tesla Solenoid, and even the Satellite of Divine Judgment.

Fighter Class | Melee

The Fighter class is the brawler of the bunch, delivering a relentless amount of kicks and punches that put many martial arts experts to shame. Fighters also have lightning fast attacks that wouldn’t be out of place in the most frantic beat’em ups. However, the most impressive feature is the Titan companion, a huge robot that is not only capable of dealing massive damage, but is also useful to act as a damage sponge.

Official description:
Fighters come from the East, they have been practicing ancient martial arts since childhood, with anagility and strength that ordinary people can not imagine. They travel the world, visit martial arts masters everywhere, in the constant battle to surpass their own limits. Titan is a partner the fighters meet on a lonely practice trip, and in battle the Titan not only provides strong firesupport, but also works with players, unleashes powerful fit skills, and takes damage for the player.

Scythe Class | Ranged

The Scythe is the scythe-wielding class in Dragon Raja, a gothic character with a penchant for black and purple colors. We may see a name change when the class releases in the west (translation also suggests Nightmare), but the essence remains the same. She can teleport backwards for a short distance, while improving her physical defense, and she has a devastating scythe slash attack that hits four spots in front of her.

Official description:
Fighters known as the Nightmare have fought for the White Rose family for many centuries, making the family a powerful organization comparable to the ancient mixed-race family, until the mixed-race was hidden from this world today. They are disguised as magicians, and gothic costumes and gorgeous sickles are their standard, but as soon as a black cat or crow appears, the nightmare has found the object.



Best class

Soul Dancer for solo play.

How to race in Dragon raja

The Dragon Raja world map allows you to check the weather forecast, but it’s also the way to freely move around the different areas.

Anyway, click on the world map and in the bottom right corner you’ll see an area called Highway 95. The name sounds like a good indication on what to expect, so click it and then click on the Fast and Furious location.

Your character should have been transported to the area. Nearby stands the npc Mome Natsuki. Talk to her and a couple of options are going to be available: Training and Contest. You can only participate in each one of these events two times a day.

Training is just that, a good way to hone your car racing skills. You won’t earn any experience points in this option. On the other hand, Contest is where the fun begins, as you are matched with other racers to battle for the top places. The better your position, the more XP you earn.

Pick your car from the available selection, carefully considering the specifications of each one. Do you prefer a car with faster acceleration, better top speed, improved drifting, or a balanced build? Your choice is going to affect how you should handle your vehicle.

Racing is a simple matter of timing your approach to the sharp bends and drifting to make a clean exit. Drifting also gives you a short boost that you should use immediately because otherwise it will go away. Some practice should lead to perfection in no time, and the AI racers are very easy to beat; however, things get harder when real players come in.

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