Dragon Raja All Class Core Build Guide

Dragon Raja Core Build Guide for all classes

In the game Dragon Raja you can determine the character’s stats as you like by getting Core builds using Gems.

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There are 4 in-game gems

  • Fire: INT
    • Every 1 point adds 120 HP, MATK 5, Multistrike 2
  • Water: INS
    • Every 1 point adds 240 HP, MATK 2, AP 2, CDR 6
  • Wind: DEX
    • Every 1 point adds 240 HP, MATK 2, Crit 4, Multistrike 4
  • Earth: CON
    • Every 1 point adds 400 HP, PDEF 2, MDEF 2, Crit Resist 2

Each class in the game Dragon Raja will use a different Core build based on the stats they need. Here are some core builds for each class:

Blademaster Core build

  • 9 Fire
  • 5 Wind
  • 2 Water

Because Blademaster generally acts as a tank / DPS and already has good basic stats for HP / DEF, Earth is conditional and not really needed, but if you want your Blademaster to be a true tank, Earth is a must. Fire and Wind to improve DPS and Water for the CDR.

Gunslinger Core build

  • 9 Wind
  • 5 Fire
  • 2 Earth

Crit is very important for Gunslingers so they use a lot of Wind gems, and if you want more DPS, they need Fire. Because they also need additional HP / DEF, Earth can be put in minimally.

Assasin Core build

  • 9 Fire
  • 5 Wind
  • 2 Water

Assassin’s main core is Fire because they are DPS. And they also need additional Crit to maximize damage, so that requires Wind.

Soul Dancer Core Build

  • 8 Fire
  • 5 Water
  • 2 Earth
  • 1 Wind (optional)

Soul Dancer requires MATK (for heal and buff) so they need more Fire. They also really need CDR from Water for spam skills, and increase HP / DEF defense so they also need Earth.

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