Dragalia Lost x Princess Connect : A Voracious Visitor New Units/guide

A Voracious Visitor Guide

Dragalia lost x princess connec



  • Lv80
  • 10
  • HP758
  • Strength502


Adventurer Details

  • The leader of a group called the Gourmet Guild
    who hails from the continent of Astraea. She is
    known far and wide for her ravenous appetite,
    and coming to another world has done nothing
    to dampen her hunger.


Princess Strike

Shareable 5

Deals light damage to enemies directly ahead,
and reduces shadow damage taken by the user
by 10% for 10 seconds. This damage reduction
effect will not stack. If this skill is used after the
user’s gourmand gauge has filled, a variant called
Princess Valiance will be used instead. Princess
Valiance deals light damage to enemies directly
ahead, and increases the user’s strength by 40%
for five seconds. Once the gourmand gauge is
depleted, this skill will revert to its initial effect.


Increases the user’s defense by 15% for 15 seconds,
restores HP to the user, and partially fills the user’s
gourmand gauge.


Dragon Haste +15%

Increases dragon gauge fill rate by 15%.
Benefits your whole team.

Chain Co-ability

(Light) HP 60% = Strength +6%

If a team member is attuned to Light:
increases their strength by 6%
when their HP is 60% or above.
Benefits your whole team.


Perpetually Peckish Pecorine II

Grants the user a gourmand gauge.
The gourmand gauge fills when the user’s second
skill is used. When the gauge is completely filled,
it grants the user a unique force strike and begins
to gradually deplete. The user’s second skill will not
fill the gourmand gauge while it is being depleted,
and once it is depleted, the user’s force strike will
revert to its initial effect.

Curse Res +100%

Reduces susceptibility to curses by 100%.

Food is the Source of All Life ☆ II

The user’s strength is increased by 20%
for 10 seconds when their HP is restored.
After activating, this ability will not activate
again for 20 seconds.

Forager Mitsuba


  • Lv80
  • 10
  • HP781
  • Strength494


Adventurer Details

  • A young woman who hails from Hinomoto and
    has come to study local Alberian cuisine. She
    learned the potential of outdoor cooking after
    trying it with friends, and now plans to use it so
    she might return the family restaurant to glory.


Fiend Ikejime

Shareable 6

Deals wind damage to the target and nearby enemies,
and inflicts bleeding.

Fiend Banquet

Grants the user a “New Dish” for every 15-hit
combo, and creates a buff zone that surrounds
them for 15 seconds. This buff zone’s effects
will be based on the number of New Dishes
the user has, up to a maximum of three.

One: Increases skill damage by 10%.
Two: Increases skill damage by 10%
and critical rate by 10%.
Three: Increases skill damage by 10%,
critical rate by 10%, and strength by 5%.

This skill can only be used when the user
has at least one New Dish, and using it
will consume all New Dishes.


Strength +10%

Increases strength by 10%.
Benefits your whole team.

Chain Co-ability

(Wind) HP 80% = Water Res +6%If a team member is attuned to Wind:
reduces water damage taken by them by 6%
when their HP is 80% or above.
Benefits your whole team.


Bleeding = User Strength +10%Buffs the user’s strength by 10% for 10 seconds
upon successfully inflicting an enemy with
bleeding. After activating, this ability will not
activate again for five seconds.

Freeze Res +100%Reduces susceptibility to freezing by 100%.

Chef’s Savvy II

Using Fiend Banquet grants the user the
“Plucked Mandradish” effect. When this effect
is active, the user’s skill gauge fill rate will be
increased by 15%, and their next force strike
will inflict poison. This effect cannot stack,
and will be consumed on use.
・The stats shown here do not include increases or decreases due to abilities, and represent the adventurers at level 80 with 50 mana nodes unlocked, not the stats when first obtained.・Adventurers with the same name cannot be put into the same team.

Lumiere Pandora


  • Lv100
  • HP371
  • Strength124


Dragon Details

  • A dragon who bears the Box of Hope, which has
    the power to better the world through spreading
    an abundance of blessings. She loves nothing
    more than spending time with her twin sister who
    carries the Box of Calamity.


Burst of Happiness

Increases the user’s strength by 25% and
critical rate by 15% for 15 seconds.


(Light) Emissary of the Box of Hope V

If the user is attuned to Light:
increases strength by 20% for every Joyful Radiance stack the user has
The user will be granted four Joyful Radiance
stacks at the start of quests, and they will be granted
an additional stack every time their strength, defense,
elemental resistance, critical rate, critical damage,
energy level, or inspiration level is increased by one
of their own skills. Joyful Radiance can stack
up to four times, and one stack will be consumed
every 20 seconds.

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