Dragalia Lost: Other world Ramiel Expert Guide

So first thing, upgrade your Ilia statue to the max ( level 30 ) since it adds up to the damage and makes this fight a ton easier due to his massive hp pool. You can always try it without but it gets way harder, I tried it and it took me 8 mins to clear with average equipment

General tips:

  • He inflicts blindness, so for melee AI I suggest you use those who don’t get afflicted by it
  • His melee attacks are deadly and actually very frequent compared to the circle stuff, so I suggest you main a ranged to have an easier time, he does a ton of non telegraphed attacks that are hard to dodge otherwise, kinda forcing a healer
  • If you bring a healer, Andromeda is good for avoiding them dying to purple stuff that they won’t avoid since she gives 100% def under 30% hp
  • He’s weak to Poison, not sleep, so you can make a plaguebringer/GAlex cheese team to make it a breeze if you have the right equipment
  • For the attack that covers the whole arena, just move to the line that expires last then move back to the one where the attack just landed, careful with the edges since it’s a little bit larger than it shows
  • I’m biased since I love her, but Zena’s amazing for doing this deathless, if you want a solid dps with also supportive constant healing, pair her up with SVerica and it’s difficult that your AI will die
  • Remember to use your supports, Patia, Grace, Elly ecc. help a lot

video guide for it (https://youtu.be/qg-8EgRamgM )

credits to u/galvant34 on reddit

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