Devil Book Best Tier list

Devil Book Tier List

This Devil Book tier list is based on the Korean version of the game Tiers 1 – 4

Tier 1

  • Evelyn: Fighter
  • Duke: Fighter
  • Yuri: Knight
  • Sophia: Hunter
  • Didi: Magician

Tier 2

  • Jena: Fighter
  • Jino: Fighter
  • Terry: Knight
  • Aron: Knight
  • Eterna: Knight
  • Niaho: Magician
  • Kai: Magician
  • Marina: Magician
  • Rozen: Magician
  • Vanilla: Magician
  • Pati: Hunter

Tier 3 & 4

  • Harc: Knight
  • Viki: Magician
  • Pots: Fighter
  • Modern: Fighter
  • Baruha: Magician
  • Curiosity: Fighter
  • Semi: Hunter
  • Octavia: Fighter
  • ScreenX: Fighter
  • Darqueen: Hunter

Devil Book Teams you can roll for

Fighter, knight, wizard, and hunter each wear different equipment and the time to invest in one equipment is enormous, so choosing one job and using the equipment is 3 times more efficient than raising 3 other jobs. Equipment detachment is also possible automatically at once, reducing hassle. Still, for those who want to develop other jobs evenly, their growth is slow due to double the required equipment.

Devilbook terminology

Tartan = Boss Dungeon Titan’s Cave

Aff, Afro = Boss Dungeon Hall of Afroent

Orc = Boss Dungeon Orc Captain’s Training Ground

Mache = Boss Dungeon Machepola’s Kitchen

Kai = Boss Dungeon Kai’s Bizarre Dungeon

Queen = Boss Dungeon Snow Queen’s Throne

Desert = Boss Dungeon Dominated Niao’s Desert Dungeon

Ant = Boss Dungeon Sandworm’s Ant Hell Dungeon

Vash = Boss Dungeon Baruha’s Pyramid Dungeon Easy

Fool = Boss Dungeon Baruha’s Pyramid Dungeon Normal

Baru , Baja = Boss Dungeon Baruha’s Pyramid Dungeon Difficulty

Harden = experience dungeon Golden = Gold Dungeon

Jordan = Day of the week dungeon

Ilque = Daily Quest

Moque = Adventurer Quest

Il-Que Party = Menu> Quest> Daily Quest> Catch Monsters in Party Status (If there is only a party, it will be counted regardless of region or channel)

Seungbo = promotion aid

Kangbo = reinforcement aid Dungeons = The number of dungeons is reset at 12 am, and at this time, the party with the boss dungeon (Gyeongdon and Golden are also held together)

Homework = The number of dungeons, moques, ilques, towers of conquest, and PVP are initialized at 12 am.

Devil Book Leveling Guide

How to proceed with leveling + gearing In the beginning , you continue leveling as you progress through the main, repeat quests, and auto-hunts If you steadily proceed as above, you will quickly reach 40. At that time, problems arise. The problem is that after level 40, the mobs start to explode. So what should you do? You must work on equipment little by little until you reach level 40. Unification of character occupation groups, The reason for unifying the occupational group is to reduce unnecessary material waste To reduce this unnecessary waste of time, make only one character equipment and have 3 characters alternate, by making 3 seperate sets of gears you will be stuck when tiering up all 3 sets of gears on each character due to lack of materials to upgrade

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