Destiny Child Defense War Best Tier List & Decks

Welcome to the devil frenzy! Duke it out on the battlefield along with characters from Destiny Child! Choose your strategy wisely!

Meet Wonderful Destiny Child Characters!
Davi, Mona, Lisa, and Frej! Meet all the Childs from the original! Summon the Childs to guard the Archfiend candidate and win the battle.

Play in real-time with players all over the world!
Compete with players from all over the word and move up in the arena. Go for the top in the Demon Colosseum League. Play with friends or clan members.

Overpower your opponents with cunning strategies!
Use mastery to empower your deck. When cornered, unleash your Archfiend Candidate’s devilish powers. Gather information and counter your opponent in real-time.

· Fan favorites from Destiny Child return in a brand new game
· Silky-smooth Live 2D character animations
· Fast-paced, strategic defense game with intuitive controls
· Real-time battles against players around the world
· Obtain new Childs in higher-level arenas
· Fight for glory in the Demon Colosseum League
· Learn unique strengths of each Child to build the best possible team
· Special Archfiend candidate skills add to the depth of your strategy
· Mastery strategies change according to how your deck is set up

Destiny Child Defense War Tier List

Best Common Childs

  1. Lisa – can slow down enemies 
  2. Jeanne d’ Arc – good splash damage
  3. Unknown – poison DOT

Best Rare Childs

  1. Purple Heart – can fuse with any child 
  2. Ymir – Higher damage dealt on slowed enemies. Good for slow combos
  3. Quirinius – Atk spd buff
  4. Aurora Heart – can fuse with any child of the same star

Best Epic Childs

  1. Mayahuel – Can slow enemies, good to pair with Ymir
  2. Danu – High Damage
  3. Chang’e – Special, can fuse to get a random Child with 1 star sometimes 2 stars at a low rate

Best Legendary Childs

  1. Aten – High Damage
  2. Jacheongbi – High Damage
  3. Gegute – High Damage
  4. Moa – after some time, Moa transforms in to a random child with an extra star level
  5. Shamash – Can copy another child with he same star level
  6. Aurora King – generates “stars” upon fusion
  7. Berit – Fusing summons an extra random Child with the same number of stars

Destiny Child Defense War Best Decks

Top Used Decks

Lisa + Unknown + Aten + Aurora Heart + Ymir

Archfiend Candidate Master or Dalia

Ymir + Mayahuel + Aurora Heart + Chang’e + Jeanne D’ Arc

Archfiend Candidate Dalia

Danu + Aurora Heart + Quirinus + Fenrir + Arges

Archfiend Candidate Dalia

Quirinus + Lisa + Ymir + Aurora Heart + Danu

Archfiend Candidate Dalia 

Gegute + Aurora King + Shamash + Berit + Purple Heart

Archfiend Candidate Eve

Aurora King + Moa + Aten + Cosmim + Unknown

Archfiend Candidate Dalia

Jacheongbi + Aurora King + Quirinus + Berit + Aurora Heart

Archfiend Candidate Eve

Unknown + Aten + Quirinus + Aurora Heart + Aurora King

Archfiend Candidate Dalia

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