Darkfire Heroes Top Tier list

Darkfire Heroes Tier List

SS Tier


The best sniper in the game. Great damage, amazing crit chance, and damage potential. She’s good when you’re just starting out and remains one of the best champions throughout the end game.


A strange support hero that has a lot of crowd control through his fear ability and skills, and is also able to do really well with crit items


Has a good single target heal, while also occasionally healing the entire team and has a fairly good leader skill.


An incredibly strong hero, able to enhance your team’s damage to ridiculous levels. She only becomes useful once you get enough crit items, but when you do, you can keep your team permanently enraged while weakening enemies.


A really weird healer, but one that has a lot more potential than you might think. Her power makes your heroes heal for 100% of the damage they do. Making her perfect for healing offensive heroes. She also heals the entire team for a significant amount when an enemy is feared.

S Tier


Classified as a support, but is it’s really a tank. With the added benefit of making any hero invulnerable for a rather long time, which is huge and can help sustain your tank or save a damage dealer. She can be used as the main or secondary tank.


Lyc is by far the best tank in the game. He has high health and armor, and his ability reduces affected enemies’ damage by 50%. If he is the only tank in the party, he gets a huge buff to his stats. Making him pair perfectly with Lyang, should you require a secondary tank.


One of the strongest heroes in the game. She has one of the most powerful AoE powers in the game. Not only does it do magic damage, but it can crit.


Otho is a terrible tank. He only has health and dies really quickly when pressured, even with full epic gear. But his power is amazing, and the reason he’s at the top.

A Tier


A powerful early game hero. Good melee damage, not too squishy and a powerful AoE power.


Essentially the same champion as Dyane.


A support hero with really high damage potential. His power is situational at best. Slowing enemies become less relevant as you progress


A strong auto attacker with a decent AoE attack. Josse has many skills that improve his auto-attack damage and scales well with crits. His power can also crit, allowing him to do large amounts of damage to an area.


A more support based tank that relies on the quantity of healing rather than quality, while also enhancing his team’s ability to use powers. Not a great tank on his own, but with the right synergies has a lot of potentials. Works well with healers like Manoel, Emani, or Kataryn.


A versatile healer that has a nice group heal while continually healing the lowest health hero. One of the few healers that also has fair damage potential, increasing his base damage with every group heal.


A good, if somewhat inflexible healer. She does one thing, and she does it well. Has the largest single-target heal in the game by far. Perfect for keeping a tank topped up. She has a chance to heal the rest of the team for a small amount when using her heal but is too unreliable and infrequent to be of any real significance.


Great health and armor, scaling well with items. His power heals the team for a little but is fairly underwhelming. Overall a strong tank, that can potentially synergize with heroes that gain added benefits from healing. But the damage mitigation Lyc gets from his power is better than Raebert’s heal. Raebert does get a shield that protects him when he’s about to die.


Early game he is probably the most powerful AoE damage dealer. His poison can do a lot of damage to large groups. The further you get in the game, however, the less relevant he becomes.


Able to do high crit damage to a specific target. Of course, being melee makes him vulnerable, but if you can keep him alive, he is really powerful.

B Tier


Able to stun single targets for a long time and with the right gear, can do decent auto-attack damage, due to his high attack speed.


The healing pool he puts down can do a lot of healing to the entire team. But being melee with low health and armor, he is rather vulnerable.


When used well, Fena can put out an unparalleled amount of AoE healing. And the ability to dash back and heal when on low health, makes her quite durable. Her targeting is tough to use though, and in many cases, she functions as a single target healer.


An interesting magic damage melee attacker. Being able to put out insane amounts of auto-attack damage.


Early game Lirs is great, combining his high single target power damage with a free attack when an enemy is stunned can carry you through most of normal.


She has high auto-attack damage and can use her power often. Said power is a solid AoE attack with easy targeting.


He can throw out incredible CC by summoning a whirlwind, drawing enemies in, and keeping them together for the duration. Priming them for AOE attacks.


Able to hook an enemy and draw it into melee range. Great for grabbing pesky casters, healers or summoners. It, unfortunately, can’t grab an enemy that’s on a ledge or island.


Both his power and his skills focus on freezing enemies. Able to add considerably CC to your team. Has low armor and low damage.


Yera has a strong magical AOE power that pushes enemies back. She also does splash damage when killing an enemy with an auto-attack. She ends up not being particularly powerful in the campaign but can be useful in PVP.


A good tank that relies on self-healing rather than good stats to stay alive. An interesting pick, with a surprising amount of staying power.

This tier list was created thanks to Oathseeker from the Official Darkfire Heroes Discord server.

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