Compiled Abyss 91-100 Guide for Epic Seven

Compiled Abyss 91-100 Guide for Epic Seven

By Jonohtin

Floor 91: Just clear certain mushroom to debuff Charlotte, (purple mushroom in top right corner provides def break specifically) As long as team can survive + output enough damage to clear mushrooms you can clear this floor as she doesn’t get stronger as the fight progresses. Personally just killed Purple Mushroom only.

Floor 92: I’d really recommend Kiris as this floor is a piece of cake with her. Kiris for poison dps, Iseria to either reset Kiris or F. Kluri (to dispell buffs on Tywin). Iseria also provides dispell. A momo to cleanse defense break and provide team wide immunity if necessary. Dizzy also can make this floor easier.

Note that 2 Arky’s will blow up Tywin’s shield. If Tywins buffed or at 40% (and has S3 available) he’ll summon 2 Taranor Guards. Some focused Romann down first to make the fight easier (as he buffs Tywin as well) I personally didn’t need to since I was able to dispell Tywin’s buffs before he S3’d and when he hit 40%, A momo SB s3 gave team immunity to prevent any def breaks when Taranor Guards were up.

Floor 93: Fairly straight forward. Don’t bring anyone who debuffs against this boss as Dominiel will just counter and transfer debuffs back. I just brought in raw stats with A momo + Tam to cleanse + heal and slowly whittled her down. Just make sure your units are tanky enough to survive counters/multi-hits/ults. Also there is a bit of a timer to this as Dominiel’s S3 will decrease your defense so I’d ignore Zerato and just focus her down.

Floor 94: Just bring SSB lul. AoE is key here since only AoE type attacks (including Arky) will damage the shades + boss during stealth. When he’s not in stealth he can be damaged by single target attacks.

Note You can time his s3 (which will respawn all Shades if there aren’t any left) to be used before you kill the rest of his Shades. That way you’ll have an extra turn to dps him when he’s unstealthed. Shades also can be hard CC’d.

Floor 95: Bit of a long drawn out fight but very easy. Starts the fight with summoning Diene + Bask and gets an invincible + unstrippable barrier. Basically you’ll have to wait for his barrier to run out before you can start hitting him. Charles will then summon Corvus & Krau and then his S3 will not summon any more units but increase his attacks. I chose to ignore the other units as they really didn’t do anything and focused him down fairly quickly.

Krau – Pretty much ignored throughout the entire fight. Did nothing to my team

Corvus – Save A momo’ S3 Immunity for Corvus ult to prevent teamwide CC. (or have high effect resist to resist + cleanse provoke)

Bask – Save Alencia S3 to strip Bask’s buffs

Diene – Killed her the first time she was summoned so not entirely sure what she does. (Also had no one else to hit so just smacked her until Charles initial barrier was gone)

You don’t have to do this method and can take the time to kill each of the adds as they won’t come back.

Floor 96: Bellona & Broomsticks. Earth Bellona & Champ Zerato make short work of this stage. Don’t have C Zerato or Bellona built so I’ll use something else. Broomsticks are pretty annoying and individually heal for a good amount. Strategy here is to kill these one at a time (they provide your team with def buff which prevents Bellona’s CR pushback). Ideally being able to hit her while clearing broomsticks (someone like Kayron or A vildred etc). Once all broomsticks are cleared stage is a cakewalk. When she brings a broomstick with her ult just kill it again and dps her down. Do be wary of her ability to transfer all debuffs onto you so bring a cleanser like Lilias. (Killing a broomstick will also cleanse all debuffs)

Floor 97: Violet & Entourage. Self buffs with greater att & def buffs that can’t be dispelled. So units need to be able to survive Violet (bring Aurius for safer runs). Tam + A momo for cleanse + heals. You’ll need to cleanse any target debuffs on your units. Ignore the 3 other units (provoke Mage in back if you bring a unit like Lilias so he can’t ult) and focus down Violet while keeping team healthy.

Note when adds are invincible avoiding hitting them as that’ll trigger Violet’s counter attacks and will usually result in your units death. If you’re ever in a situation where you’re forced to aoe and adds have invincibility use Arky and it won’t procc his counter. Since Violet steals your souls spend them early in the fight. Keeping immunity on your DPS is also crucial to prevent target debuff from landing on them.

Floor 98: At the start of battle Leo will plant a bomb on one of your units that can’t be dispelled or affected by immunity. After exploding (at start of turn not end of turn) for a lot of damage + stunning it’ll transfer to the next unit. While the bomb itself is somewhat annoying the real threat is Leo’s S3 which burns your team for a ton of damage. Cleansers/immunity against burn are a must here. He also inflicts cannot be buffed debuff to two of your units in this fight if you don’t have any buffs up. Most recommended buff here would be someone who can spam teamwide immunity (such as Soul Burn C Armin). Avoid hitting Leo with your support units as it’ll boost his CR.

Green crystal is there for you to attack whoever is inflicted with the bomb to transfer it to another unit and reset timer. You’ll pretty much spend the entire match playing hot potato with the bomb without it blowing up. Interestingly enough the bomb debuff can be cheesed by giving whoever has the bomb invincibility before it goes off. Then the bomb doesn’t come back for some reason. So I’d advice bringing either Achates, C armin, or Ruele. Dps him down with a unit like Bellona / DDJ / Arky spam. Make sure to use your souls before hitting the 30% HP threshmark as they’ll disappear.

Floor 99: Automaton Floor Flashbacks. (if you didn’t 1 shot Destina back then) First phase nothing too crazy. Adds hit for a decent amount especially if buffed so just keep your units healthy. Debuffs not so good on this floor as they transform into buffs here. (Also she’s immune to poison in 2nd phase)

Once Destina hits below 50% hp she’ll transform into Ruele and bring J. Kise to the battle. J Kise does everything normal J Kise does but better. S1 100% chance to def break S2 inflicts unbuffable and S3 skill CD increased to 3 turns once she’s below 75% hp. Ruele on the other hand is stacked. Can resummon Jkise if dead + steal souls, grants stackable attack buff, dual attacks, reflects 60% of damage taken after every 5th attack (Dispells after getting hit once so use your supports to trigger the reflect) and gets a fat barrier and fortunately a speed buff. When her barriers up you can either stall the fight until it wears out and focus down J Kise or ideally strip the barrier (tamarinne / f kluri). Then once barrier is gone you can whittle her HP bar down. Bringing a DPS that can attack both Ruele + J Kise is preferred here (such as Kayron or A. Vildred) to lower J kise’s presence & damage output as much as possible. (if you can kill) But not necessary. Try use your cd’s before J kise gets her ult off + cleanse def breaks ASAP.

Floor 100: Would recommend you rebuild your units to 100% crit rate as A ravi has a mechanic that punishes you if you do not crit. You’ll also want to bring in heavy buffs for this fight. Positioning is also important for this floor too (As purple add seems to silence left most unit more often than not. Yellow applies for right unit but its gone for bottom unit a few times.)

Mob stage prior can be a bit trouble some. If you don’t have the dps to kill trash mob stage bringing in Fkluri to def break and provoke mini boss is really helpful. (his S3 drops your team to 1% HP) Either kill the mini boss as fast as possible before mushrooms can explode, and/or provoke the boss to prevent his s3. Ive also seen players clear mushrooms before hand or have invincibility available before mushrooms can pop. But if you’re having trouble on this stage you’re going to have a lot of trouble onwards imo. Def break + dps should clear this no problem.

Wyvern phase:

Apoc Ravi summons a scarier W11. Main thing here is to not apply more than 2 debuffs. Once you do it’ll slap your team. The Wyvern at around 70% + 40% ish HP will immediately take its turn and apply a fat barrier to itself. You’ll want to break his barrier whenever it gets applied and/or make sure your team has atleast 2 buffs before it can use its S3 (which will usually kill your dps units if they do not have atleast 2 buffs) Its entirely possible with def break + enough dps to just breeze right through this stage without ever seeing it ult.

Second phase A Ravi mechanics are simple but tedious and time consuming. Do make sure your units have 100% crit. (If a unit doesn’t than avoiding hitting A Ravi with that unit.) Everytime you fail to land a crit on A. Ravi she’ll get a stack. Once she reaches 5 stacks she’ll lower debuffs by 1 turn + give herself + adds a healing buff. Another annoying mechanic is that she’ll apply an anti crit debuff on herself after using a certain skill. (It’ll come when her S3 cooldown is at 1 red stack) So preemptively apply anti debuff on her or have a stripper ready.

The adds themselves are a nuisance and generally need to be cleared to progress through this stage safely. Purple applies a silence to one of your units + drastically nerfs CR pushing and Yellow applies unbuffable + drastically lowers healing but increases healing for their side. Safest way seems to be to kill the Adds and then focus A Ravi down. Once she hits around 70% ish HP she’ll go back to full HP and summons the adds again but this time they’re stronger (apply those debuffs mentioned earlier but they’re permanent until you kill those adds). Same strategy as before, focus down the adds (its your call as to which one to focus down first. If your team relies on a lot of CR pushing + turn cycling than focus purple. If you’re having trouble staying alive take down yellow.) When adds are down focus down A Ravi until she resummons the Adds, kill adds again, rinse + repeat until she’s dead.

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Compiled Abyss 91-100 Guide for Epic Seven

By Eon19

~ A91:Charlotte ~

  • Charlotte is immune to debuffs from your party. Cannot be damaged unless debuffed.
  • Only way to debuff her is to kill one of the shrooms. Each shroom debuffs her when it dies:

Blue shroom ~ spd down

Light shroom ~ unbuffable

Red shroom ~ atk down

Dark shroom ~ def down

  • Once debuffed, drop all your damage as she will cleanse it on her next s2.
  • Arky is your best friend, does tons of damage
  • A cleanser is a must, Momo & Tama MVP.

~ A92:Tywin ~

  • Just Kiris it baby! LMAO
  • Make sure to time your poison stacks before his S2-cleanse.
  • A stripper and cleanser will make your life easier.
  • RNG & clutch fiesta, so may take a few tries.

~ A93:Dominiel ~

  • Fairly easy. Just dont bring any debuffer. Can even auto with the right comp.
  • Tanky DPS like ARavi, Luna, Violet are your best bet.
  • Momo MVP again.

~ A94:Assassin Cidd ~

  • Bring your best AOEs, boss has stealth mechanics and summons multiple copies of him.
  • Immunity/High Eff Res is a must.
  • Save your def breaks when he’s alone.
  • Arky is your best friend.
  • You can opt to leave his shades at low health before he uses his s3 so he can’t summon new ones.

~ A95:Charles ~

  • Charles will ulti twice; first he summons Diene & Bask, then on his next turn, summons Krau & Corvus.

Diene -Heals the entire team on her ulti. Kill her first!

Bask -Buffs allies with immunity & def up on his ulti.

Corvus -Provokes the entire team with his ulti. (The real threat!)

Krau -Meatshield, does nothing when you ignore him. Ignore him! His ult is a single-target stun, be wary!

  • Bring Momo/Ange for the team-wide immunity before Corvus ults.
  • Kill Diene on the first few turns before she gets to use her ulti.
  • Ignore everyone else, focusing on Charles when his barrier runs out of turns.
  • Be patient, it’s a long whittling fight.

~ A96:Bellona ~

  • CZerato is the champ here. Otherwise, bring your fire/earth/counter/tanky DPS. Never use water due to Bellona’s passive!
  • Cleanse/Immunity & team-wide buffs are a MUST, brooms can stack multiple poisons and enhances Bellona’s S1.
  • Kill the brooms fast, ideally with AOEs, with just one or two brooms left focus on Bellona. She’s pretty squishy.
  • Brooms gives your whole party def up when they die, so use to your advantage.

~ A97:Violet ~

  • Violet has undispellable GAtk & GDef buff simultaneously, so reallly tanky DPS are the way to go.
  • Only way to dispel the GAtk & GDef buff is by attacking the 2 green adds, their ulti will remove them and buff all the characters(including your party) with (not-greater)Atk & Def up.
  • 2 or more debuffs on Violet will make him heal, so comp should only include 1 debuff.
  • His S1 removes 3 souls, so don’t be stingy on using them!
  • Fight could take long because of the increased def, his ulti also increases in damage with time so just focus him and arky whenever u can.

~ A98:Leo ~

  • Team-wide immunity, heals, cleanse are a must! I suggest 3-protect-1 as you need a lot of buffers. Use DDJ on your dps.
  • Understand Leo’s skill mechanics as they are staccccked:

S1 strips and applies Unhealable to two units

S2 AOE, applies 2turns Unbuffable to party member that doesnt have any buff, cannot be debuffed

S3 AOE, applies 2turns Burn which has very high proc damage

*Every attack on Leo increases his CR by 20%, waste your attack on the crystal to manipulate it.

*Places a bomb debuff to a random member of your party, will stun and damage(high) that member at the start of his second turn. Debuff will transfer when procced or when you hit the crystal.

  • Order is S1-S1-S2-S3 on his first cycle, then S2-S1-S3 til the end. Note the order as you have to time your skills on them.
  • Make sure to have any buffs(even arky) on the whole party before he uses S2. This is a must!
  • Make sure to have immunity on the whole party exactly before he uses S3, otherwise he can strip it with his second S1. This is a must!
  • You can apply invincibility to the unit with the bomb before it explodes, this will make it not transfer to other units.
  • Use all your souls before he hits 30% health as he will all remove them.
  • At 30% health, 3 crystals will be summoned which applies bomb & silence to the whole party, the unit that kills it will have their debuffs remove. Note only 3 crystals, hence one party member will always have the debuffs. Choose wisely!
  • This may take a few tries, patience is the key. Build up souls on round1 and take your time with round2, think before you click.

~ A99:Destina/Ruele ~

  • Pretty straightforward stuff. Destina automaton dejavu.
  • Important: Don’t bring any debuffers. DDJ on dps for ez kill.
  • Phase 1: Just bring one of the sun seeds low, so Destina wont use S2Heal on herself. Then focus her down, fairly easy.
  • Phase 2: Summons JKise when @ 50%hp, transforms into Ruele. Dont mind JKise, just make sure to have cleanse for her unbuffable, and immunity on her S3. Focus all your attacks on Ruele. Whittle her down to death, heal in betweens. She has no heal skills herself, save your strip for her S3barrier. Use arky whenever you can, her S3 removes 20souls.

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Compiled Abyss 91-100 Guide for Epic Seven

By TimBaril


Charlotte and ‘Shrooms

AoE doesn’t work against the mushrooms so bring two single-target DPS.

The key is taking out the mushrooms first to get the right bonus after they die. Once dead, they debuff Charlotte. The purple one gives you defence break, which is the most useful. It’s easiest to just take out purple first, then focus down Charlotte, and repeat.

My Team:

Luna (Draco Plate+15 – 3/0/3) 3107 ATK, 887 DEF, 12k HP, 170 SP, 72% CC, 226% CD, 50% EFF, 0% ERES – Set: Att/Crit

Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial21 – 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Diene (Rod+9 – 0/6/2) ATK 1400 DEF, 17k HP, 168 SP, 70% ERES – Set: SP/HP

C. Dom (Joker+15 – 5/5/5) 3837 ATK, 900 DEF, 10k HP, 143 SP, 60% CC, 244% CD, 0% ERES – Set: Att/Crit


Tywin and Roman

Roman buffs Tywin and hits right alongside him. As a duo, they’re powerful. They are too strong to just go after Tywin directly, even with massive poison stacks. Take out Roman first, then tackle Tywin. Keep Tywin stripped or he’ll summon guards to help.

My Team:

Basar (Etica’s+6 – 3/3/5) 2457 ATK, 1364 DEF, 11.5k HP, 218 SP, 80% CC, 150% CD, 83% EFF, 30% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Kiris (Level 50, 5*) (Rosa Hargana – 5/3/0) 1400 ATK, 700 DEF, 9k HP, 150 SP, 50% CC, 160% CD, 120% EFF, 20% ERES – Set: Lifesteal/Hit

Bellona (Judgement+15 – 0/0/3) 2500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 180 SP, 84% CC, 250% CD, 47% EFF, 15% ERES – Set: Dest/Crit

Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 – 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES – Set: SP/HP

It was tempting to try Kiris and Alexa out together for massive poison damage. I really wanted to use Alexa somewhere even though I only had her at 50 with poor gear. But even with all that poison stacked from the two of them, without good stats, Tywin and Roman teamed up to destroy us all.

The key here was taking out Roman first, then going after Tywin. Basar’s strip and crowd control debuffs really helped to sustain the team and prevent Tywin from becoming stronger. Bellona’s S1 does major damage, and with the Sword of Judgement artifact, she has a 15% chance of using it back to back, then auto-using her S3, doing sick damage. Plus defence break. She’s a superhero boss killer.


Dominiel and Zerato

You can’t land debuffs on Dominiel as she counters more often and transfers them back. Bellona’s S1 and Joker don’t work here. She gets stronger over time, hitting more targets at 70% and 40% health. She does more damage if you’re rebuffed, so make sure to cleanse. You can kill Zerato, but she revives him.

If you hit with enough power, just focus directly on Dominiel while doing everything to heal and cleanse.

My Auto team:

Luna (Draco Plate+15 – 3/0/3) 3107 ATK, 887 DEF, 12k HP, 170 SP, 72% CC, 226% CD, 50% EFF, 0% ERES – Set: Att/Crit

Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 – 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Diene (Rod+9 – 0/6/2) ATK 1400 DEF, 17k HP, 168 SP, 70% ERES – Set: SP/HP

A Momo (Level 50) (Magaraha’s+14 – 2/5/5) 1100 DEF, 13k HP, 178 SP, 30% EFF, 20% ERES – Set: SP/DEF

In order for to beat the floor with one DPS, I had to rearrange equipment so that Luna was doing more damage, about 9000 per turn (and I only used her S1 because you can’t land debuffs on Dominiel). Diene’s attack up gave her more power too.

Three support and one DPS made this a safe, easy run on auto.


Assassin Cidd and Shades

This is an AoE floor. Bring AoE DPS.

If you’re poisoned, you heal less. Missed attacks give Cidd’s shades speed up. Shades can’t be counterattacked. Cidd stuns when alone, and with shades they get a CR boost when he attacks while cleansing them. Cidd’s ult decreases defence and dispels buffs. He summons 2 shades, then 4. He deals lots of debuffs. If you’re under 30% health and he hits you, it kills you and deals extinction.

Immunity and cleanse are key to handling the debuffs. Bring some AoE damage and some crowd control to mitigate damage. Tenebria is awesome here. So is Basar.

My Auto+Arky Team

Basar (Etica’s+6 – 3/3/5) 2457 ATK, 1364 DEF, 11.5k HP, 218 SP, 80% CC, 150% CD, 83% EFF, 30% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Tenebria (Etica’s+15 – 3/3/5) 3500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 12k HP, 162 SP, 90% CC, 200% CD, 44% EFF, 5% ERES – Set: Lifesteal/HP

Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 – 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES – Set: SP/HP

A Momo (Level 50) (Magaraha’s+14 – 2/5/5) 1100 DEF, 13k HP, 178 SP, 30% EFF, 20% ERES – Set: SP/DEF

I tried to build a team that could auto the floor, despite the fact that it gets nasty when Cidd is lower health. Almost did it. Being able to use Arky here (while on auto) really helped. Actually, he ended up winning it. lol

Basar doesn’t do a lot of damage but he really helped with crowd control, keeping survivability up. He can also transfer his debuffs away. I tried with Bellona, whose S1 hits like a train when A. Cidd is alone, but she didn’t have enough HP and DEF, so when we got down to the end and 4 shades really started doing damage, she died. Plus, RNG meant she’d sometimes take four hits in a row with defence down and that sucked. Tenebria’s sleep was key for crowd control and she does defence down and hits hard. MVP.

Etica’s Scepter was a key artifact. Shades only take AoE damage, so that artifact meant a lot more AoE attacks and more AoE crowd control.


Charles and Krau, Corvus, Bask, Diene

A tricky fight. You’ll want to take out the helper team quickly before they start having an impact. They don’t get revived, which is nice. Charles is Charles and he hits hard, so be prepared for restarts.

There’s a window at the beginning of the fight to hit hard and kill people off before things get harder. Use it.

Take out Diene first because she gives massive heals. Take out Bask next because he gives a defence up buff that is harder to push through. Take out Corvus and Krau in any order.

My Team:

Bellona (Judgement+15 – 0/0/3) 2500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 180 SP, 84% CC, 250% CD, 47% EFF, 15% ERES – Set: Dest/Crit

C. Dom (Joker+15 – 5/5/5) 3837 ATK, 900 DEF, 10k HP, 143 SP, 60% CC, 244% CD, 0% ERES – Set: Att/Crit

Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 – 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Diene (Rod+9 – 0/6/2) ATK 1400 DEF, 17k HP, 168 SP, 70% ERES – Set: SP/HP

There’s a small window before the support team starts using their big skills. The key to this floor was using Bellona to set up defence break, then Challenger to land big hits so that I could kill off the support team before they started making a difference. There was much luck involved because Charles can hit hard and sometimes devastated Angelica the tank, or others, forcing a restart.


Bellona and Broomsticks

Boss Bellona has guaranteed defence down and does more damage the more debuffs you have. She silences and transfers debuffs back to all of your heroes. She does AoE damage and if you’re not buffed, you lose 100% CR then get stunned. And she revives allies one at a time.

She gets a 50% CR boost if you use a non-attack skill, punishing healing/stall teams. If you have 2+ buffs on when you end your turn, the brooms get a CR boost. If you do 20% damage on her, she heals 15%. Ice heroes do less damage and reduce her skills faster.

Brooms drop poison and steal souls and heal, and get more powerful every time one of them dies. Use AoE to take out the brooms first and prevent their healing. Take them out again when revived.

There are lots of debuffs, so cleansing is important. A Momo may not be strong enough on her own, so Lilias or Destina or Kitty Clarissa are a plus.

Bellona’s S1 and Joker work here.

My Team:

Bellona (Judgement+15 – 0/0/3) 2500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 180 SP, 84% CC, 250% CD, 47% EFF, 15% ERES – Set: Dest/Crit

Tenebria (Etica’s+15 – 3/3/5) 3500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 12k HP, 162 SP, 90% CC, 200% CD, 44% EFF, 5% ERES – Set: Lifesteal/HP

Lilias (tank) (Proof of Valor+15- 0/0/3) 1600 ATK, 1300 DEF, 19k HP, 192 SP, 35% CC, 160% CD, 60% EFF, 45% ERES – Set: SP/Hit

Destina (Potion Vial+14 – 3/2/3) 1300 DEF, 14k HP, 141 SP, 35% ERES – Set: Counter/HP

Immunity and big cleanses here are a must, so Lilias and Destina were awesome there.

Tenebae’s beautiful AoE easily deals with brooms. Bellona’s powerful S1 made short work of Bellona the villain. It’s fun watching the two hotties beat each other back and forth. lol


Violet and Cronies

Violet is perma-buffed and if you strip he gets greater buffs.

Violet and his cronies do a fair amount of damage, especially when it comes behind the target debuff. When that lands, you might get hit 2 or 3 times in a row, which can devastate anyone, especially a DPS with only 10k HP. Cleanse and immunity are vital here.

The ‘right’ way to do this floor probably involves hitting the two green cronies at the right time, giving you defence and attack buffs and changing Violet’s buffs to lower ones. But this is complicated and a bit RNG.

You’ll want to cleanse very quickly and keep that target debuff off as much as possible. Violet steals souls, so use Arky when you have him.

If you attack invincible allies, you get counterattacked by Violet and it’s nasty. So AoE is difficult here.

If you land 2+ debuffs on Violet, he heals. If you have someone that can land unhealable on Violet, this floor becomes much easier. Then you can use multiple debuffs on him. Mascot Hazel with Vial would be a great support healer here. In fact, with a fast, strong Hazel, she might be all the healing you need if you can then bring a team that can crowd control things, like Basar and Tenebria.

You can do this floor slowly and fairly safely with Kiris and Arky. Ignore the helpers. Don’t use her S3. Simply use her S1 to land a single stack at a time on Violet and whittle him down. And hope that if the target lands on her, you cleanse it very quickly.

My Team:

Kiris (Level 50, 5*) (Valor+15 – 5/3/0) 1400 ATK, 700 DEF, 9k HP, 150 SP, 50% CC, 160% CD, 120% EFF, 20% ERES – Set: Lifesteal/Hit

Destina (Potion Vial+14 – 3/2/3) 1300 DEF, 18k HP, 180 SP, 35% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Angelica (tank) (Potion Vial+21 – 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Diene (Rod+9 – 0/6/2) ATK 1400 DEF, 17k HP, 168 SP, 70% ERES – Set: SP/HP

This took many tries. Random chance meant that Kiris or whatever DPS I was using got taken out a lot when targeted and I couldn’t cleanse fast enough. I tried a stall team with a beefy Dark Corvus but that eventually wore down. Used C. Armin, and she was great as a tank to soak up damage and the invincible was clutch at times, but she didn’t do enough to keep the DPS alive. I tried so hard to make this work with Tamarine because I just got her before this floor and levelled her up, but for some reason it wasn’t working for me. And my A Momo just wasn’t healing enough.

But patience and Kiris won out.

The key to this was using Arky and only using Kiris’s S1, so there was never more than one poison on Violet. It was slow and I had to time heals and get lucky, but it worked. Having both healers using Wondrous Potion Vial to auto-cleanse the target debuff was clutch. (Having Mascot Hazel or other unhealable hero would have allowed much more poison to be used and the floor would go much faster.)

I had to change Destina from ok counter gear (14k HP, 140 SP) to much faster speed gear (18k HP, 180 SP). And she uses the EE which brings her countdown to 4. That was an expensive upgrade changing all that gear around ($450,000), because there was no free equip event, and then my speedy Shadow Rose needed new gear! 🙁


Leo, the Burns and the Bomb

Pray to the gods of random chance. lol. Very interesting floor design; imaginative. This took a lot of tries before the timing clicked on everything. Don’t lose hope, just keep restarting until everything works out. You may need to take extended breaks to reset your temper. It’s not your units (mine are perhaps average), it’s about smart play, patience and chance.

Can’t use Kiris here, he’s immune to buffs.

Cleanse and immunity are important, and invincible might be vital.


In the opening round against the monsters, the amount of healing the Caides does is annoying. Once again, Mascot Hazel and her unhealable debuff would be great here. (I get the feeling like these many green floors were partially designed with her in mind.) You can take out the helper monsters to prevent healing. This buys you more souls, for use against Leo later.


There are many things going on for this phase; it’s complex. At the start of battle, Leo drops a bomb on one of your players that can’t be dispelled. It gets bounced around from player to player when the hero with the bomb hit the crystal. When it goes off, it does big damage and stuns. If you have the bomb on a player with immunity, however, when it goes off the bomb doesn’t come back, making your life WAY easier. C. Armin or Elena is HUGE here. (Bombs do come back in force though, when Leo is at 30% HP.)

If you don’t have buffs up, you’ll get hit with unbuffable. Every time you hit him, he gets a CR boost. Support units should attack the crystal.

Use Arky against Leo to make sure that you have buffs on your heroes at all times or you’ll be hit with an unbuffable that cannot be cleansed. You lose all souls when Leo hits 30% health, so use them up before that. Then you will start gathering them again.

Bellona’s S1 does a lot of damage here and is all the DPS you need. Having the Sword of Judgement artifact allows her to use her S1 twice in a row, which is awesome. Though be wary that each time Leo is hit, he gets a CR bump. And Bellona can go Dual Attack S1 – S1 – S3 in a single blow when you weren’t expecting it. Major damage, but it could screw up your timing. Other DPS would be fine, but use someone doing major damage or the fight will last longer and there are more chances that timing will screw up and you’ll restart.

After he drops the bomb, use your invincibility buff to permanently kill the bomb. Time immunity with Angelica’s S3, Carmin’s S3, or soul burn Momo’s S1 to prevent massive burns. Cleans any burns that get through. They do huge damage.

Be very conscious of timing, when to hit Leo and when to hit the crystal. It takes practice.

My Team

Bellona (Judgement+15 – 0/0/3) 2500 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 180 SP, 84% CC, 250% CD, 47% EFF, 15% ERES – Set: Dest/Crit

Tamarine (Potion Vial+14 – 0/0/0) 1700 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 206 SP, 50% CC, 150% CD, 40% EFF, 40% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Carmin (tank) (Potion Vial) 1500 ATK, 1500 DEF, 15k HP, 137 SP, 40% CC, 150% CD, 25% EFF, 120% ERES – Set: DEF/RES/HP

Angelica (Potion Vial+21 – 0/5/5) 1600 DEF, 18k HP, 167 SP, 30% EFF, 25% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Carmin was MVP for using invincible to kill off the bomb.

Tamarine helped here because her Idol form gave me a few extra key attacks when Leo was below 30%; that helped kill him fast. My Bellona was doing 20k damage per S1 hit, so having her hit twice because of her artifact, and the dual proc off of Tamarine, made the last bit go fast enough to survive. I did have to restart sometimes because her auto S3 though.


Destina -> Ruele and Judge Kise

The floor can take a lot of tries. Random chance, like many Abyss floors, may make you want to tear your eyes out and throw them at people in frustration. You have to be patient. It is a contest of emotional endurance. But it can be done if the RNG goes your way.

Unless you have amazing gear and a DPS that both hits like a tank and takes damage like one, then Arky will do a lot of your damage. But the enemy steals souls, so you need characters that can build souls fast.

Both Destina and Ruele seem to have high defence, greatly reducing damage done to them.

Lilias, Kitty and Tamarinne are great as each dual attack gets you an extra soul. Clorina builds souls fast because she cycles so many turns with her CR boosts. And she doesn’t land debuffs. A great A Momo with Tomb can cycle fast. Counter sets build souls too. However, be careful with A Momo’s S1 or anyone who can land a debuff on Judge as you will be judged harshly for it. Judged with a scythe.

Recommend at least 14k HP on your DPS (though it may cost you attack). Or that you have super fast and amazing healers. Even then, the more HP, the better. There was a TON of random chance here. You just get unlucky if that DPS gets targeted twice in a row. Then you have to start the whole, long process all over again.


Monster phase is simple, just kill the main one. Save your souls.


The Destina phase is fairly straight forward. When the Suns shoot, notable damage splashes to other units, so keep healing up. The Suns also steal 5 souls each on their S3. If you can, try to save your souls here, so you have all you can for Ruele next. When Destina gets to 50%, she heals fully and turns into Ruele, who then brings in the beautiful but deadly Judge Kise, who does wicked damage.

Destina’s description should read: Heals HERSELF or an ally. She heals for over 40k, which is super annoying. But she doesn’t do it often.


Ruele is a soul-sucking vampire, taking 20 souls at a time on her ultimate, so use Arky as soon as he’s ready. Ruele can revive Judge, so whether you want to take her out or not is an option. It will make life way easier if you can kill her, but it may not be necessary (I didn’t), and she gets revived anyway. Also, the time spent hitting Judge means you’re not necessarily hitting Ruele.

Vildred’s AoE skills have no debuffs and would work, allowing you to whittle Judge down and give yourself a turn or two without her. Would really help survivability to not have her constantly kicking your ass. Ruele does zero damage without her.

Tamarine’s idol strip removes Ruele’s 3-turn barrier, which is probably why everyone loves her here. Without that strip, the fight will take way longer.

Use your souls right at the beginning, before she can steal them. If you’ve saved, you can use Arky 3 times before she starts stealing (almost half her HP!). Do your best to survive after that and build souls and slowly work Ruele down. Speed doesn’t matter as they don’t get more powerful over time. Stall teams can work, provided you survive random chance.

Ruele’s killer move: she dual attacks, launching Judge Kise at you, who drops a defence down debuff on your hero. Then Judge goes again, slaughtering your hero with AoE before you can cleanse. There can be a lot of random chance here, meaning lots of restarts. You MUST cleanse defence down debuffs or you will get destroyed. Potion Vial artifact is great here on top of cleanse.

Do not put debuffs on the enemy because it leads to nasty things. You can buff, but Judge does strip them every now and then.

My Team:

Lilias (tank) (Aurius+6 – 0/0/3) 1500 ATK, 1200 DEF, 16k HP, 164 SP, 35% CC, 160% CD, 50% EFF, 10% ERES – Set: Counter/Hit

Clorina (Proof of Valor+15 – 3/2/4) 3000 ATK, 900 DEF, 14k HP, 142 SP, 80% CC, 220% CD, 10% EFF, 15% ERES – Set: Dest/HP/SP (unmatched second set)

Tamarine (Shimadra+15 – 0/5/1) 1600 ATK, 1200 DEF, 13k HP, 197 SP, 50% EFF – Set: SP/HP

Destina (Potion Vial+21 – 3/2/3) 1400 DEF, 18k HP, 169 SP, 50% ERES – Set: SP/HP

This took forever. lol. So, so many tries and fails. Lots of experimentation on teams used. Personally, a stall team didn’t work for me because I couldn’t survive Judge’s RNG or build enough souls before they were stolen. Even my 30k HP Dark Corvus would get hammered, and he was too slow at 125 SP.

With Lilias having a 50% CR boost on her S3 and putting her on a counter set out front, she generated a lot of souls. Clorina also cycled fast, building up more. Tamarine’s idol and dual attack built even more. This just barely allowed me to build up enough souls to squeeze occasional Arkys out before Ruele used her ult and stole the souls. Arky did almost all the damage.

I used Proof of Valour +15 on Clorina, and Aurius +6 on Lilias to mitigate damage. Clorina was only hitting for 3-5k damage on Ruele, but it did add up a bit. I auto ran Phases 1 and 2 because they took so long and I had so many restarts, and so I started most rounds of Phase 3 with full souls, taking Ruele down to 50% health right away.

Then it was a matter of chipping away and hoping Judge didn’t land a defence break and then immediately use her AoE. Just kept trying until it worked out, and the RNG went in my favour.


The Apolalypse! Ravi and her Wyvern of Red Death

With more than some patience, this literally took me 200-300 attempts. No joke.

As always, Abyss is best done during free gear-change events. This is the first floor I had that chance and I needed it. Every team I had before the event failed and I needed to experiment more. Big thanks to the developers for having these events.

The key to this floor is doing as much damage as you can, as fast as you can. Some people have god-tier gear. But using defence down (DD), and attack up if you can, is critical for most of us.

We’ve seen the vids and posts: you do NOT need Tama/Iseria to beat the floor (though I eventually did it with them, I got very close with other teams). Plenty of other combos work. It’s a matter of luck and gear and ingenuity. The dual Lots-with-Red Schuri team is brilliant. Kiris and Alexa work, though they need decent stats (mine weren’t good enough). If you have the right gear, a wider range of characters are possible. I got lucky and things got easier with Tama/Iseria, but from all my attempts I know it’s doable with others.


Bring units with as close to 200 speed as you can. Everything is fast here. Attack up and defence down are extremely helpful, maybe even necessary. CR boosting is huge. So are dual attacks: Tamarinne, Lilias, Kitty Clarissa.

You must have close to 100% crit on everyone, even your healer. 5 non-crit hits on Ravi, including Arky and she gets a heal for about 35k. Also, hitting her without a buff on your hero gives her a CR push. She steals 20 souls on her ult, so use Arky before it or burn with skills.


You need two buffs up in order to survive wyvern’s breath. C. Dom has a crit chance buff which can mean putting more damage or HP on your other characters. Characters with attack buffs are great. Unhealable debuff allows you to hit Ravi more relentlessly. Dual attackers allow you to hit more often and generate more souls. Defence down is almost critical to doing damage fast.

Poison is possible and the Alexa/Kiris team actually works really well. But you can only put two debuffs on the wyvern at a time, so that stage can be tricky and slow. Accidentally land an extra stack with Kiris and he blows you (get it?). Don’t land enough stacks and the fight takes too long and he blows you.


This isn’t a high-damage floor. 2 healers aren’t necessary; just make your one healer your best. Focus on damage. A combination of the right team and DD works better than having 4k attack on your heroes. An aggressive strategy is better than a slow one (unlike some other floors).


Land DD immediately. If you miss, restart. If the mushrooms ult, you’re dead. (Unless you have enough poison stacked, then the lich will die when he tries to go.) Having DD and dual attacks is key to killing the lich before you wipe.


Wyvern is fire, so green units suck here. If you’re bringing Iseria or Bellona or Yufine, the rest of the team will have to carry them through, making it essentially a 3-hero team . This is where Tama/Iseria defies that a bit. Iseria’s reduce-countdown skill can still be used, making Tama much more useful.

But, other units are fine here too; you don’t need Iseria. If I had a better team, Angelica or Destina would be fine paired with a good Luluca or Shadow Rose, even Tenebria with Etica’s. In fact, this phase was far easier with Shadow Rose’s DD than with Iseria.

The key is being able to do enough damage to get through the wyvern’s barriers (at 70% and 40% health), while also being able to get two buffs up to survive his ults.

DD allows this phase to go much quicker. Save DD for his shields. Shadow Roses’s DD is 100% chance, which is nice. Serila and Luluca only have a 50% on their S1. Taranor Guard would be great here, though his DD is only 1 turn, but it has a higher chance to land.

Have a tanky team to survive wyvern’s ult (12k+ HP) or get 2 buffs up before he blows you. Arky can be used as a buff here.

Kitty Clarissa has a long immunity on herself, making her excellent as a tank here. The wyvern’s burn can’t land on her. Also, her S3 cleanses. Her dual attacks help with that shield a lot. Just an awesome hero.


There are two monsters. Purple limits CR boosts and yellow limits healing. Kill the two monsters and ignore Ravi because she’ll just heal after they’re dead and revive better versions.


The upgraded monster helpers prevent more healing and more CR boost, and their debuffs are only cleansed once they die.

If you have any CR manipulation on your team, take out the new purple first, to make things faster and easier. He will put perma-silence on your highest attacker. Yellow seems to put perma-unbuffable on your highest HP, though this wasn’t consistent for me. After you kill both monsters, Ravi will eventually revive one at a time with her ult, starting with purple.

The first time, if you can survive it, you might get both monsters down to almost dead, then let Ravi ult, then kill both monsters off in two shots, and then have a lot longer to focus on Ravi.

The key is being able to do enough damage to destroy the monsters and give you a turn or two to attack Ravi. Land a defence down on a monster and slaughter it. Then take the other out. As soon as purple is revived, take it out. If Ravi is down to a quarter health, you might be able to just focus on her and ignore the revives.

An unhealable or buff strip on Ravi makes things much easier because she heals after 5 non-crit hits. And she makes this difficult with a crit-down buff. Kitty Clarissa can strip and drop unhealable.

My Team:

Clorina (Wrath+15 – 5/5/5) 3650 ATK, 900 DEF, 10k HP, 135 SP, 80% CC, 312% CD, 10% EFF, 24% ERES – Set: Dest/Hit/Att (unmatched second set)

Tamarine (Shimadra+15 – 0/5/1) 1900 ATK, 1000 DEF, 13k HP, 197 SP, 90% CC, 150% CD, 40% EFF, 40% ERES – Set: SP/HP

Iseria (Level 50, 5*) (Candlestick – 0/0/0) 2000 ATK, 900 DEF, 11k HP, 198 SP, 100% CC, 150% CD, 20% EFF, 60% ERES – Set: SP/Crit

Kitty Clarissa (Valor+15 – 0/0/1) 1800 ATK, 1100 DEF, 15k HP, 194 SP, 100% CC, 150% CD, 30% EFF, 50% ERES – Set: SP/HP

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