Chrono Traveler Best Tier List and Guide

Chrono Traveler Tier List

UR units

Double-edged Blade — DEACULA

Survivability: ★★

Output capability: ★★★★

Battlefield influence: ★★

Dracula is a double-edged blade. Once he appears, it will cause a lot of damage to all the characters present. Although it can kill low HP enemies and most of the summons, but it will also cause certain losses to their partners, and even kill allies by mistake.

After turning on the talent card, coupled with the summoning stream, when he comes on the stage, he and our summoning objects can often make out the suicide attack in exchange for the entire of the enemy.

After his death, he will bring healing to all the partners present. If this time is used well, it will also be a wonderful opportunity to turn over.

Divine Envoy Queen — TITANIA

Survivability: ★★

Output capability: ★★

Battlefield influence: ★★

Her attack damage is relatively high, it is important to note that when she comes on, make sure to kill an enemy unit. Little Titania will increase our team’s attack power every turn while surviving, and if they die will cause a small amount of damage to all enemies.

It is recommended to use it with the divine envoy team to ensure that one attack can kill the enemy and maintain the number of little Titania.

Fickle angel — SERAPH

Survivability: ★★★

Output capability: ★★★

Battlefield influence: ★

If you only look at her basic attack attributes, you will think she is very useless, but in fact she is very powerful.

At the beginning of the round, the attack power and the health are switched, and the health is used as the attack power. At the end of the turn, switch properties again, and the attack power is used as the health. At the same time, after being attacked, increase your own HP limit, and the next turn will be converted into attack power.

After upgrading the talent card, it has flight attributes, plus its own high blood volume, and can easily withstand an attack. It is recommended to use it with the gods team.

Reverse Injury Queen — ORIE

Survivability: ★★

Output capability: ★★★★

Battlefield influence: ★★

One of the partner of reverse injury, because of their ability to fly, it is easy to be ignored by opponents. She’s stacking the fastest counterdamage. If she encounters a summoning stream, she can even Killed the opponent’s tank directly.

The effect of the gift will give us all partners present reverse injury. The disadvantage is that it has too little blood, and it is easy to be directly killed by the opponent’s long-range attack.

Vampire Loli — VERDANDI

Survivability: ★★

Output capability: ★★★

Battlefield influence: ★★

One of the vampire roles, vampiric ability combined with two combo abilities to effectively control enemies with shields. After activating the talent, each round will to heal a certain amount of HP.

Each attack will not only recover a certain amount of HP, but also steal the opponent’s attack power. She is the partner who if can’t be killed in one round, and will be resurrected with full blood in the next round. The same, her weakness is low blood.


The new mobile Strategy RPG – Chrono Traveler is now available on the App Store and google play

Chrono Traveler is a strategy RPG. The objective of the game is to deploy units on a 4×6 board defeat your opponent’s main character.

Game Features

■Grand plot, immersive experience of the future world
Up to 149 companions will come into contact with you in the future world. Justice? Evil? Coexistence? Conflict? How will the future world change because of you?

■Round strategy, with their own lineup
149 different ability of the partners, any combination of your exclusive team

■Skill combinations, looking for endless possibilities
The strong bond between partners allows them to unleash special effects on the battlefield, changing the situation, and ready to fire

■The past you, in the future gradually grow
In the world of the future, you go from being ignorant and fearful to having the power to change the future

■Exclusive room, cultivate intimacy with partners
Date your future partner, cultivate intimacy, unlock subplots, and each of your real-life buddies will tell you their own story

■well-known voice actor, dedicated voice
Please enjoy by 八代拓, 桑島法子, 佐藤聪美, and many other front-line Japanese voice brought gorgeous performance!

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