Bless Mobile Best class 2022

Best Class


Mage is the best class in Bless mobile because it is the most balanced and universal ranged class. It’s is great in both PvE and PvP in both team or solo.

It’s main advantages are the AoE blessings, critical hit ability, and powerful mana regeneration. This enables the Mage to combo regularly and deal a lot of damage.

Since Mage is a master of various elements they can use skills to stun, freeze, and even knockdown enemies.

2nd best classes


Ranger is a great class, which can be placed somewhere between Mage and Priest.

The main difference between Mage and Ranger is that Ranger’s AoE skills are not as strong. But you can easily compensate this small nuisance with ranger’s high mobility. Other than that, the Ranger is a high DPS class with excellent defense stats and huge range.

The only reason why many players may find Ranger a bit hard to control is the quiver reloading times. This action is quite slow.


Mastering Priest moves can be a bit daunting as well, since it takes quite some time to be able to get all the positions and timings right.

If you don’t mind slower moves and casting times, but prefer high DPS and heals, then Priest is a great choice.

B-Tier Classes


Although Crusader can be a really hard class to control in PvE, it really makes a huge difference in PvP.

This melee class is really hard to kill, and the all the blessings have a big chance to stun enemies. That’s why its so easy to stagger your enemies during attacks, even though it can be hard to aim at first.


Berserker, is bulkier than Crusader.

The problem here is that it is way too slow for solo play and too clunky for team cooperation. Although combos deal a lot of damage, the enemy can easily escape and take only 30% of the total potential amount.

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