Blade and Soul Revolution | All in One Guide

Blade and Soul Revolution | All in One Guide

Walkthrough, Strategy Tips & Tricks

You must learn about the navigation so that you can farm the crafting items quickly and freely. You will need these items to craft the gears or consumable items at the fire pit. Items are dropped by monsters – different monsters drop different items. On your screen, on the left side, tap the shining “globe” button. This will open a mini-map -> on the top of the mini-map, tap the “globe” button again.

A map screen will open where you can check your current location and the area info. On the top-left of the map screen, tap the world map option -> this will show you the list of locations that you can explore in the Blade and Soul Revolution. Different locations feature different monsters and NPCs with whom you can fight and interact.

After tapping the locations, its map will open – each location has special spots where you will find different monsters. The areas where you can farm the items will have the item icon next to it. For example – you can farm the “Potion of Growth” item in the Dragonscale area, which is on the Viridian Coast. Tap on the location -> there would different-tabs; move(tap it and move to the location), monster(visit monster location), quests(list of quests). In the bottom-left corner of the area map, you will see the list of items that you can grind by defeating the monsters.

If you are new to the game, we would recommend you to focus on the main quests. In the main quests, you complete the acts – each act features chapters with unqiue missions or tasks. In these tasks, you will be talking to the NPCs, fighting the monsters, grinding the stuff. These main quests are displayed on the top-right. Or tap the top-right corner menu button -> challenges -> quests -> there you will see the main quests. 

Once you are advanced enough in the Blade and Soul Revolution game, you will have lots of game modes to play; complete the step quests to earn silver, EXP, and material items. Complete daily dungeons to earn a massive amount of silver and EXP. Do the daily quests. And, keep an eye on the events. 

Other than that, you can do grinding. Read the above navigation guide where we have shared how to goto different-different locations and slay down the monsters to earn items.

  • Main Quests – the best way to progress
  • Side Quests – for extra rewards; EXP, Silver
  • Daily Dungeons – massive EXP and Silver
  • Daily Tasks(Time-Limited) – EXP, Silver and other rewards
  • Events – extra quests
  • Grinding – defeat monsters on the map

Tips To Get Stronger In Blade and Soul Revolution

The best way to get stronger in the Blade and Soul Revolution game is by equipping the high-tier gears to your character. In the upper-left corner of the game screen, tap the character class icon -> this will open the character info where you can check the gears equipped to it; you can arm-up characters with the weapon(differs by class), bracelets, necklace, etc. Tap on the gear and check its stats. The higher the quality of the gear, the more stats your character gets. In the second tab of the character info, you can check soul shield effects. And, in the third tab, you can check the pet stats. 

Another way to get stronger in Blade and Soul Revolution game is by leveling up. The best way to level up fast is by focusing on the things that grant massive EXP to the character; it includes main quests, side quests, daily dungeons, time-limited missions, etc. 

Other than that, you can upgrade the character’s skills, pets, and wear better outfits. 

  • Equip high-tier gear(you can craft the gears or buy from the shop; with silvers or crystals) – tap the bag button and use auto-equip button to equip the best available gears
  • Enhance gears. You can read the enhancement guide here
  • Reinforce soul shields
  • Pets – upgrade the pets
  • Skills – upgrade the skills(play Hongmoon Training Area to get skill upgrade material)
  • Outfits – craft and equip high-tier outfits(menu -> character -> wardrobe). There you can change the outfit

Learn How To Get Equipment

There are several ways to obtain equipment or gear for your character. The first one is by defeating the field boss. Tap the upper-right corner menu button -. adventure -> field boss -> defeat the field boss to get the equipment/gears or crafting material. 

The second option is by crafting. Head to the equipment merchant and interact with him -> tap the sword/shield icon -> tap the crafting icon -> choose the gear type; weapon, earrings, necklace, earrings, bracelets, etc. You will need materials and silver to craft gears. Tap on the material icon to check how to obtain it. 

Buy from the equipment merchant -> you can buy equipment from the equipment merchant in exchange for silver. 

And, at last, buy from the shop -> watch the video ads or spend premium currency for the equipment chest. 

While fighting the bosses or powerful bosses, do not play the auto-battles. You can disable the auto-battle by tapping the auto-battle button on the left side of the bottom-chat widget. When you play with the auto, your character would not dodge the enemy attacks. So make sure to keep an eye on the boss’s attack area and move out of it as soon as possible to take less damage. You can use the jump backward or rush backward buttons to dodge quickly – these buttons are attacked to the basic attack button in the bottom-right corner. 

Have Enough Healing Potions

Your character automatically uses the healing potions when low on HP. It’s better to have a good stock of healing potions when fighting the bosses. You can buy the healing potions from the general merchant in the town or craft it with the materials. 

Skill Build And Rotation In Blade and Soul Revolution

You must equip the best skills and use them wisely – in the order; so that you can inflict massive damage to the enemy. We recommend checking the pre-skill build configuration in the game. Tap the upper-right corner menu -> battlefield -> Hongmoon Training Area -> this is where you can test a variety of skill builds in the training; you will be using them in the order to inflict the best damage possible. After each successful attempt, you will see the total damage. Try all the build/chained/rotation/combos and figure out the one with the highest damage. Also, by completing training; as a first-time reward, you get the free skill upgrade material. 

Blade and Soul Revolution | All in One Guide

Get Free Rewards

Head to the shop -> there you will find the free chests that you can claim by watching the video ads. 

Join A Clan In Blade and Soul Revolution

By default, you join a training clan. Tap the top-right menu button -> clan -> clan info -> clan members -> leave.  Once you leave the clan, you will get the option to join another clan – we recommend joining an active clan. There are several perks to join a clan in Blade and Soul Revolution; free rewards, access to clan shop, and clan events. 

Keep An Eye On The Events

Blade and Soul Revolution bring new events to the players now and then. You must keep an eye on the events and the quests featured in it to earn the special currencies that you can only earn during these time-limited events. You can check the events by tapping the “event” button on the top-left side. To exchange the event currency, go to the shop -> events -> there you can spend the event currency for chests, the essence of skills, soul shield, outfit design, and many other items. 

How To Change Name

To change the name, you need a name change ticket. Go to the shop -> utility -> other -> there you can buy a name change ticket and use it to change the name in Blade and Soul Revolution. (Check the bag after buying). It would cost x1000 crystal.

How To Change Appearance

To change the character’s appearance, you will need an appearance change ticket. Head to the shop -> utility -> other -> buy an appearance change ticket and use it to change the appearance of the character in Blade and Soul Revolution. (Check the bag after buying). It would cost x1000 crystal.

Character Expansion Slot Ticket

To create more characters on a server, you will need a character slot expansion ticket, which would cost x500 crystals. Navigate to the shop menu of the game -> choose utility -> other -> there you can buy the character slot expansion ticket. 

Reset The Skills In Blade and Soul Revolution

To reset the skills and its variants, you will need the skill reset ticket. It helps you get the silver and skill points back. You can buy the skill reset ticket from the shop -> utility -> skill reset ticket. It costs x500 crystals. 

Blade and Soul Revolution Class Guide

Blade Master is an all-rounder character class in the game, which is good in the offense as well as the defense. Being good in both these attributes help you to unleash the powerful attacks as well as defend against the enemy skill attacks. If you are looking for a balanced class with a decent attribute score in attack and defense parameters, Blade Master is the best class that you should pick for sure. 

Blade Master Class Skills: –

  • Breeze – slashes the foe with the sword weapon and inflicts the attack damage
  • Block – blocks the enemy’s attack
  • Sparing Falcon – throws a knife to the enemy and inflict Wither and DMG
  • Rush – attacks the enemy and increases caster’s movement speed
  • Shoulder Charge – stuns and blow the enemy with a massive attack
  • Lightning Draw – uses the lightning attack to cause damage and increase movement speed
  • Winged Protector – protects the allies/teammates
  • Five Point Strike – x5 attacks
  • Spinning Slash – x3 attack hits
  • Upward Thrust – airborne attack with the sword
  • Dragongue – uses the flame-imbued sword to attack x4 times
  • Flash Step – pierces through the foe to attack the enemy
  • Rising Eagle – attacks airborne enemy x4 times
  • Breaching Dash – pierces through the enemy and cause massive damage
  • Ascend – airborne attack

Kungfu Master class is the best DPS/Attacker class in Blade & Soul Revolution that does melee attacks. This class excels mainly in the offense/attack role – thanks to the amazing skills that you can cast over the enemies and put them on their knees in literally no time. Playing as a Kungfu Master class is fun; you get to crush the enemies like a butcher – melee attacks and skills are that powerful. Even if you are playing solo, you would not have any sort of trouble completing the objectives if you build this class wisely; focus on the attack build and make it stronger in the offense field. 

Kungfu Master Class Skills: –

  • Straight Jab – uses fists and kicks to attack the enemy
  • Flying Slam – attack and bleed effect on the enemy
  • Thruster Punch – gathers energy, attack the enemy and get damage increases
  • Counter – blocks the enemy’s attack and perform a counterattack
  • Leading Palm – use concentrated energy to attack the enemy and stuns it
  • Uppercut Assault – deliver x3 uppercuts; attack damage
  • Sky Kick – airborne attack
  • Swift Strike – strikes and inflict damage
  • Hellfire Kick – kicks an enemy with the right foot
  • Iron Shoulder – hits an enemy with a shoulder strike
  • Rising Kick – kicks x3 times to enemy
  • Cyclone Kick – kicks for attack damage
  • Leg Sweep – knocks down enemies sand sweeps enemy’s legs
  • Grapple – makes an enemy helpless
  • Iron Butterfly – strikes an enemy with the kick
  • Falling Star – strikes an airborne attack to the target

Force Master is another one of the Blade and Soul Revolution classes, which mainly excels in inflicting the high volume of damage from a distance. If you are looking for a ranged-DPS class, then Force Master is the class made for you. With Force Master, you will be soaring like a lion on the battlefield. Great attack stats, attacking skills, high DPS in battles that help you finish the enemies in no time. 

Force Master Class Skills: –

  • Fire Blast – blast the foes with fire flames and causes damage
  • Frost Leap – inflicts damage and frostbite effect on the enemy
  • Inferno – gathers the fire energy and attack the enemy
  • Dragonblaze – attacks the enemy with frontal flame blasts
  • Heatwave – knocks down the enemy and throw fireball to attack
  • Dual Dragons – unleashes flames and frost to attack the enemy
  • Frost – gives frost prison 
  • Short Fuse – throws a giant flame and cause damage to the enemy
  • Dragonchar – fires giant flame dragon to inflict damage
  • Phantom Grip – blow your enemy and makes them helpless
  • Dragonwhorl – unleashes frost wind and inflicts attack
  • Meteor Shower – drops meteors and cause continuous damage

The name is destroyer – but the strength is defense. The destroyer class is slow as compared to other Blade and Soul Revolution classes. Also, the attack/DPS is not as good as Force Master and Kungfu Master class. This class mainly excels in defense; high durability, survivability, defense score make it last for long and hard for enemies to beat easily. If you love playing as a tank, then the Destroyer would be the best Blade and Soul Revolution tank class to pick for PvE and PvP battles. 

Destroyer Class Skills: –

  • Judgment – hits the enemy with an AXE and cause damage
  • Stone Strike – while in the stone shield skill, causes the basic attack
  • Stone Shield – blocks the attacks
  • Hurricane – spins, and attack
  • RAM – shoulder slam to enemy
  • AXE Sweep – knocks enemies down for a few seconds
  • Rage – massive attack
  • Upward Block – airborne attack
  • AXE Stun – hits the enemy with AXE and stuns it
  • Leaping Tackle – jumps into the air to strike the enemy down with the weapon
  • Stone Slam – while in the stone shield skill, attacks the enemy
  • Grab – lifts the enemy for a few seconds
  • Piledriver – strikes an airborne enemy down

Which Class Is Best In Blade and Soul Revolution?

  • Force Master – Best Ranged DPS
  • Destroyer – Best Tank Class
  • Kungfu Master – Best DPS(Melee)
  • Blade Master – Balanced Class(Tank, DPS)

How To Delete Character Class?

First, you must reach character level 10. Second, you must not be in the clan. Once you meet all the requirements, go to the login screen -> select the server where you created the characters -> tap the screen -> on the character list screen -> select the character -> above the “start game” button, choose to delete character class. 

Blade and Soul Revolution | All in One Guide

Blade and Soul Revolution Crafting Guide

First of all, you must be in the village area – it’s because the village or town is the place where you can find a fire pit and the NPCs who help you in crafting, trading the items. Where you can find the village/area? Open the world map(read beginner’s guide here to learn navigation) -> on the world map -> there would be lots of locations; Viridian Coast, Silverfrost MountainsCinderlands are the locations where you will find a village. Viridian Coast -> Bamboo Village. Cinderlands – Yehara’s Mirage. Silverfrost Mountains -> Zaiwei South District, Talus Imperial Palace. In the early game, visit Bamboo Village, which is on Viridian Coast location. 

In the town area, you need to find the equipment merchant to proceed further into the crafting process. For example – Equipment Merchant “Unhae” in Bamboo Village, Viridian Coast. Tap the globe icon in the left-center -> tap the globe icon on the mini-map ->others -> Unhae -> move. When you stand next to him, you will see the two options; bag/trading and crafting/spanner. Tap the spanner/crafting icon and you will get to cart a bunch of items; weapon, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. 

Select an item and you will see the material requirements; tap on the material icon to check its info. You can get the equipment materials from the field boss mode or buy from the same merchant. Interact with him and tap on the bag button -> equipment materials -> you can buy these materials with the silver. 

Go to the sell tab (after tapping the bag option) -> there you can sell the stuff for silver. 

General Merchant NPC in the town can help you craft potions, outfits, headgear, chests, materials, and event items. For example – General Merchant “Wa Chuga” in the Bamboo Village, Viridian Coast. Tap the globe icon on the left-center of the game screen -> tap the globe icon on mini-map -> other -> Wa Chuga(must be in Viridian Coast, Bamboo Village). 

Interact with her and you will get the two options; trade bag and crafting/spanner. Tap the trade bag button to buy potions and other stuff. Go to the materials tab to get the crafting materials for outfits, potions, chests, headgear, etc. Go to the sell tab to sell the items for silver. 

Tap the crafting icon that pops up when you interact with her. On the next screen, you will get the option to craft Blade and Soul Revolution outfits, potions, headgear, chests, materials, etc. You can gather the materials required for these items from the same merchant or by defeating monsters. Tap on the material icon to learn how to obtain it by playing the game. 

Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment Enhancement Guide With Firepit

You can find the firepit in the village areas. For example – Bamboo Village in Viridian Coast. Go to the map by tapping the globe icon on the left-center -> tap the globe icon on the mini-map -> Viridian Coast -> Bamboo Village -> other -> Fire Pit. 

Go near the fire pit and tap the anvil icon -> five options will pop-out: –

  1. Sword-With Stars/Enhancement -> select the equipment that you want to enhance. Register it. Use the enhancement stones to enhance the equipment. You can craft the enhancement stones or obtain by playing the game modes
  2. Hammer/Restore Durability -> select the damaged equipment and use the material items to restore its durability so that you can use it again
  3. Sword/Reforge – here you can change the equipment options. Each piece of equipment gives specific stats such as HP, piercing, CRIT, etc. You can change these options by reforging it. You will need forge stones to reforge the equipment. Make sure to do is wisely; if you are playing as a DPS class, focus on ATK, CRIT options. If you are playing as a tank class, focus on DEF, HP-related options
  4. (+)/Reinforce Soul Shields – here you can reinforce the soul shields to the character. Tap on the soul shield to check its stats. Register the one that you want to enhance and use the replicates for the enhancement. You can remove the soul shields from the character info’s second tab. And, equip it from the bag menu
  5. Break/Salvage – here you can select the gears that you don’t use and salvage them for the crafting material items

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