Basketrio Tier list

There are 5 different positions that you can play as in Basketrio.

  • Point Guard: An all-rounder position that’s effective at both mid to short range. They rely on using nimble moves to create openings that maximize their odds of netting the ball. Since they’re quite fast, they can also penetrate the enemy’s defenses and score with layups.
  • Center: An expert dunker who is also proficient at boxing the opponent out using their body to grab rebounds. Severely lacking at making long shots or stealing, but excellent at blocking dunks.
  • Power Forward: Similar to the Center position, but much better at long-range dunking. Capable of performing powerful jumps to block those who try to dunk. Can also use their bulky body to box others out and claim stray rebounds.
  • Small Forward: A fast character that’s efficient at placing mid-range shots. Can also apply pressure on the opponent to block their long shots simply by standing near them.
  • Shooting Guard: Focuses on scoring 3-pointers and blocking the opponents’ long-range shots by standing near them when they shoot.

Learn the Optimal Scoring Distances for Every Position

When it comes to scoring, your position will determine the effectiveness of your character at performing different shots. While your stats play a vital role here, the position you choose will almost always determine the areas of the court in which you should be playing:

  • Center and Power Forward: They thrive in the innermost parts of the court, right under the hoop.
  • Point Guard and Small Forward: Mid-range shots are their specialties, though the PG can also score easily from short distances.
  • Shooting Guard: This position thrives at scoring 3-pointers. As long as they can get a wide open shot at the hoop, they’ll net the ball more often than not.

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