Top 100 season 20 meta teams

More detail at the end about the teams. Note that some teams could be classified in multiple ways, for example double plant poison could go with the double plant bird/aquas, and Aqua Mech is shrimp mech without the shrimp. Lunge also has some overlap with other archetypes

Tier RatingArchetype DescriptionCount in top 100
Tier sDouble Aqua16
Shrimp Mech15
Tier 1Aqua (Arco/Sponge) Bird9
Reptile Beast/Mech7
Double Plant (Bird/Shrimp)6
Scaly Spear (Lunge)6
Triple Aqua4
Poison (dbl plant, Shrimp)5
Tier 2Plant Beast/Mech Bird2
Double Anemone2
Aqua Reptile2
Aqua Mech/Beast2

Tier S

  • Double Aqua – mid is generally Arco or Sponge, back Koi with a 0 cost (Spikey, Cuckoo, Balloon)
  • Pocky – mainly Aqua Balloon, but there are a couple plants
  • Shrimp Mech – mainly Arco mechs, but a couple god mechs too

Tier 1

  • Aqua Bird – Basically double aqua with a bird (Indes, Tri, Sneaky) instead of Koi Aqua
  • Reptile Beast/Mech – quite a few variants, but most common is the Reflector backline
  • Double Plant – usually with a backdoor shrimp or sneaky bird
  • Lunge (yes, really) – teams with 2-3 Lunge, various class compositions
  • Buntenna – generally plant/dusk – bug – aqua
  • Triple Aqua – if double aqua is so good, why not add another
  • Poison – mainly double plant shrimp doing well here

Tier 2

  • PBB – Cattail+Watering can plant and your favourite bird & mech
  • Aqua Mech – either a beefy Aqua in mid, or a Koi aqua back
  • Double Anemone – these seem dead
  • Aqua Reptile – Basically the Reflector Reptile team with Aqua instead of Mech/beast

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