How to solve Adsense Invalid Traffic Ad Limit

From my research, since end 2019, many users have been getting your google adsense ads limited due to invalid traffic.

If you have been diligently building up your blog day by day and suddenly BAM, google notifies you on your adsense account that your ads have been limited. You will be very depressed for sure until you can at least get an answer.

But google likes to leave people in the dark. If you do get banned you will never know why even if you did the right thing

AD serving Limit – Limited Ads

What it really means: Basically google states ” that your account is being assessed, therefore your ads are limited and that they will review and update this while continuing to monitor your traffic and unfortunately will not be able to tell you how long it takes” usually up to 30 days

Now, your ads are not really “limited” because your earnings might go from $20 a day to literally $0.01 because even if you have 20k page views, they only show about 6-10 ads so basically 10 out of 20000 will see a SINGLE ad unit.

You are definitely gonna be hurt bad, in your head you probably thought “yes finally my hardwork paid off, now i can get the adsense money, but no google will deny you that money and you will never get it back”

Why do ad limits happen because of invalid traffic

Google analytics monitors your traffic and in some cases where you get a VIRAL post and your traffic spikes like this graph below. You most likely will get ad limited. You can see in this graph that the average user visit was 10-20 a day for months and months until a viral post was created and the traffic increased by 8000%.

This will for sure fire up some red flags. If a regular employee who earns $50,000 a year suddenly gets a $400,00,000 deposit from someone, the banks will definitely be calling you in minutes, maybe seconds.

How to fix adsense ad limit because of invalid traffic

While this will definitely cost you a lot of pain and sorrow it will be OK if your traffic is REAL even if it is from facebook, twitter, some random forum etc.

As long as they are not BOTS. If you do buy Bots to inflate your views, you will be banned so please do not do that.

There are many solutions that do not work like sending in a request to review your site, however google does not reply if they find that it is not necessary.

You have to wait for your traffic to stabilize and for google to make sure your traffic is LEGIT. This usually takes an average of 14 days, from a generally guide of 7 to 30 days

If it takes more than a month, you better pray you do not get banned from adsense and find other forms of monetization ASAP or you would be wasting your monetizable traffic.

Trust me, the best solution is to just wait for 2 weeks, do not panic and continue building your site, it will go away if your traffic is real.

DO NOT be swayed by ANYONE who says that it has to be only organic and social media traffic equals bad traffic because it is not.

The misconception is because a lot of people with viral post who just started blogging, put their links on social media and if it goes viral, they get limited because of the huge amount of views all of a sudden. So people associate social media traffic with ads being limited.

Do not use the google adsense help community

They “Product Experts” whether platinum or gold or whatever color they have, will give you only 1 answer, and that is:


More details on each of those resources within the page and right sidebar.

This is their number 1 reply. You will only get frustrated trying to communicate with them and they might find something else on your site to pick on instead of answering you. So don’t waste your time, nothing will come out of this.



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