2 hacks to improve your tennis movement

2 tricks to improve your tennis movement

Modern tennis is played at a much higher pace compared to the past. The physical demands on a player to move faster, react quicker are in relation to their fitness, speed, reaction, anticipation, strength. There are a few main parts to focus own while learning how to get faster.



In today’s modern game, it is very important to be able to anticipate where the ball will go to a certain extent.

By observing your opponent’s stance, swing timing, body positioning, will give you a sense of where the ball might be heading.

This is one of the most difficult skills to learn even as an advanced player. This can only be learnt with experience playing matches, and understanding the human’s bio-mechanics.

Once you understand how shot directions are created “example: a more squared stance means a higher chance of a down the line shot” you will be able to read the shot a lot better and earlier.

2 tricks to improve your tennis movement


If you’re a tennis player and you’re not working on your crossover step, you’re missing out.

A crossover step simply refers to “crossing” one leg across the other to cover ground laterally. A slow crossover step won’t do you much good, but an explosive can give you a tool to quickly cover ground on defense.

So, what goes into a great crossover step? You want your crossover step to be both long and efficient. It’s about covering a large amount of ground quickly while also staying in an explosive position. Below are some of the fundamentals of a great crossover step:

  • Hip rotation. Turning your hips as much as possible in the direction of your step can make the movement more explosive.
  • Push the ground. If you want to take a quick step, you’re going to need to exert explosive force into the ground to propel yourself forward. You want both feet planted on the floor and pushing off to create maximum ground force and stability.
  • Core strength. Maintaining an upright posture and keeping your glutes engaged during the movement are a must.

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